Czech Nail Files Review (Why Crystal Nail File are the Best)

Modern girls have a whole arsenal of skin care in their purse. You can find lip balm, hand cream, and of course nail file there. Someone can say that you should have a few nail files for a perfect manicure and use each of them for their intended purpose: add nail shine or to shape your nails. But I ensure, you don’t need to have a variety of them. You only need Crystal Nail Files.

A lot of women called it universal because of the fact that it can be used for acrylic nails as well as for natural. In this article, I will open the curtains and show all the advantages of using crystal or glass nail files and why they are the best for your hands.


The Best Crystal Nail Files

I recently got some crystal nail files from Design Glassware. My package included 4 crystal nail files in different sizes, one of which belongs to the Zodiac Line, 1 dual-end glass cuticle pusher for both manicure and pedicure, and a glass foot tile which I absolutely love. I'll be honest, I've never used glass cuticle pusher, so it was my first target.

First of all, as soon as I got the package I took out the zodiac crystal nail file I mentioned before and not the cuticle pusher. I tried it out. It felt super light, smooth (not rough) and oh my god did it file that nail. Plus it looks absolutely stunning! The design itself is sophisticated and elegant: each of the nail files has a silver metal figuring of a zodiac sign with two Swarovski stones. It feels very personal, not a mass market like.

The nail file is universal here, both sides have different grits (like most of them have) and you can choose the one that suits your nails the most.

I was actually afraid to carry this glass nail file in my purse, but since I had 4, I risked it. After a week of carrying it around with me, I'm glad to say that it is still in one piece. The case it comes in provides some protection too.

The high quality ​of these nail files didn't surprise me, I was expecting it to be great and I happy I'm not mistaken. But there is one thing that surprised me. I was very sceptical towards glass foot files, to be frank. It was hard to believe how your feet change. I used it in two different conditions: on dry skin and after relaxing salt foot bath. Both turned out to be helpful in it's own way:

  1. Polishing your foot on a quick hand is easy, truly fast, but a little messy (might be). Dry skin particle will be flying around and it's good to have a wet napkin or something. It works especially good if you have problems when putting on light tights, when it keeps getting caught on your nails, feet, toes, etc. It's hell of a problem to me! After polishing my foot with this glass foot file it felt like pure silk. Pure silk!
  2. If you're willing to spend 30 minutes on a relaxing sea salt foot bath - great! Do it! Let your feet soak in the water for some time (you can add a variety of essential oils like tea tree oil, it helps to prevent fungus infection) and file them using two sides of the crystal file. It removes all of the dead skin. It is safe to file toes too. You will surely notice how much you've removed from your feet by one look into that water. I recommend applying some foot cream after, to keep it soft and hydrated.  

If you're considering on buying one of those, use the discount code: BLOG to get 20% off. It'll make a good present or be a useful purchase for yourself. Design Glassware has a huge! even enormous collection of glass nail files.What can I say, the have files for babies! Fare pricing, great quality, elegant design. After using those I have no doubts that I'll use it and I can honestly recommend these products.  Another option is from amazon. However, I received my package within a week from Mont Bleu (that's quick considering it was from Czech Republic to Canada)

(Discount Code: BLOG)

Amazon (No discount)

The main properties of glass and crystal nail files

At first sight, it may seem that the glass and crystal nail files have a smooth surface. But actually, these nail files were made in a special process (abrasiveness) which creates high quality grit surface. That is why the glass and crystal nail files are much better than the usual metal ones.

The surface of regular nail file is covered with a special abrasive grit. It can be different sizes - slightly or very rough. If it was used too frequently, the nail plate would break. Consequently, the nails start to exfoliate.

Glass and Crystal nail files have a very thin rough surface, but do not underestimate them. The surface of crystal or glass nail file has quite strong grinding characteristics. You won’t achieve such effect using the regular nail files from other materials. Moreover, if you will use crystal or glass nail file on regular basis, your nails will have perfect look, perhaps even shinier, and become much stronger.

Glass and crystal nail files are not only safe for the nail, but also environmentally friendly. As everyone knows glass and crystal (the main material of nail file), doesn’t include any harmful heavy metals, which adversely affecting human health and the environment.

Do crystal and glass nail files fit my nails?

Before you get a glass or crystal nail file, you need to know some information about it.

There are three types of crystal and glass nail files you should know. The types are divided by sharpness. To determine the sharpness of the nail files there is a special unit - grit. The greater the number of grit, the softer nail file affects the nail and vice versa. Be attentive when buying nail file and always keep in mind these tree types:

1) 80-180 grit

This is hard nail file. It is designed to work only with acrylic nails. Of course, it can be used on natural nails, but still, if the nails are thin and fragile you shouldn’t buy a nail file with more grits.

2) 200-300 grit

That is the golden mean among crystal or glass nail files. It can be used for any type of nails (strong or brittle, natural or acrylic). However, if you want to polish nails, will be better to get more gentle nail file.

3) 900-1200 grit

This type of nail file is perfect for weak, thin, and brittle nails. Also, you can safely polish nails with crystal or glass nail polish which has 900 or more grit. But don’t forget that for shiny and smooth nails will be enough 1-2 polishing procedure in a month.


Crystal and glass nail files are the best for my nails

Unlike other kinds of nail files, glass and crystal files have many advantages:

  • Production Technique. During the manufacturing of crystal and glass nail files, the factories are using only high-quality glass, which requires a unique treatment.
  • Tools size. There are a few types of glass and crystal nail files. The largest in the length are equal to 7.6 in (19.5 cm) and the smallest are – 3.9 in (9.9 cm).
  • Porosity. It is completely absent, and this is one of the main advantages of the glass and crystal nail files. The regular nail files have “pores”. It is very dangerous since germs and bacteria can live there.
  • Properties. The crystal and glass nail files have a high level of the surface, which is much better than the regular ones have. If the nail will be sawed only by glass or crystal nail file, it will never be splitting and peeling. Moreover, the top of the nail plate will be smooth. Also, crystal and glass nail files live longer than other files.
  • Disinfection. Glass and crystal nail files can simply be rinsed with clean water, treated by any detergents. You don’t need to boil them or sterilize with a chemical solution.

How to take care of crystal or glass nail file?

To not bring an infection during a manicure procedure, everyone needs to wash the nail file after each use. This is generally if you use the glass nail file personally. It is recommended to wash it with running water to remove residual dust.

To wash the crystal nail file properly, use a sponge and warm water. Also, you can use special detergents, steam sterilizer, and the boiling process to disinfect the nail plate. But you can use only warm water for crystal and glass ones.

Steam Sterilizer

If you take a nail file with you, wear it in a special case. With it, you will avoid accidental breakage of the tool in the bag or purse. But let it completely dry before putting back in the case. 

Nowadays everyone has a busy day-to-day schedule. So don’t forget to take proper care of the nails. Use crystal and glass nail files. As you see, you need to use high-quality nail files, if you want to have a beautiful and healthy manicure. Let me know what nail files you use in the comment box below. Have a nice day and keep your hands warm.

Once again, if you want quality crystal nail files, I strongly recommend you check out the Design Glassware ​E-shop. Check back soon for the glass foot tile review! (A bigger crystal nail file)

(Discount Code: BLOG)

Amazon (No discount)

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  1. I like when you said that crystal or glass nail files make a file for the nails because it applies to either natural or acrylic nails, not to mention that it has a class design. A couple of things that I carry in my vanity kit are nail buffer and cuticle oil; having a glass nail file added in my collection will complete my set and I’d better look for my options online as I’m looking forward to using it in my next nail pampering session.

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