Natural Nail Shine Tips (4 Obvious but Effective Ways)

When you take off your nail polish, one of the first things you do is polish your nails to get them looking civil. You know what I mean when I say that nail polish of any kind besides those fancy gels leave your nails in a state of chaos after you take them off. To get your nails that natural nail shine, you got to take care of them.

When you see people with really shine nails, you have to ask yourself whether or not it's a clear nail polish or gel. Do you really think there are that many people who take care of their nails the way you want to?

Having a nice Natural Nail Shine is Hard Work!

When they see that their nails are dull, they go to the nail salon, and this is great for business, however, not for your nail health. Depending who you go to and where, they will either try to get you to apply a clear gel, nail polish or turn you back with some cuticle oil. The cuticle oil is the best case scenario.

You want your nails looking healthy and shiny, right? Well, let's assume you went through the process to buff your nails and file them. If not, do that first. Then, start doing these 4 things below daily.

1. Apply Nail Oil 3-4 times a Day

This will promote the natural growth of strong and healthy nails, as well as provide your nail with the nutrients it needs to get a nice shine.

Olive Oil and Almond Oil are the way to go. They are the few that are not diluted with water or alcohol that dries your skin.

2. The Lemon Slice

If you ever had yellow nails, this is due to malnutrition. An improper diet does weird things to your body; such as yellow nails. Take a slice of lemon and rub it on your nails, do this 3 times a week. Alternatively, you can squeeze the lemon juice out and dip your nails. There are interesting methods out there to grow your nails faster, stronger and longer.

This also happens due to too frequent nail polish applications. You need to let your nails breathe, take a few weeks off and grow out your nails naturally.


3. Buff your Nails

You want to use the coarser side of the buffer if you have any ridges. Be careful with this, because if your nails are weak and brittle, this method is not for you. Getting rid of ridges is a very difficult process in general and you should consult with a nail technician who can get a proper look at your nails. Besides removing ridges, another key element in achieving a beautiful nail shine is the nail shape. You want that arc nail with a nicely shaped nail end.

Remember that buffing your nails all the time to get them shiny will tear away at the nail thickness and you will thin them out. This results in splitting and weak nails.

4. Looking After Yourself

A diet with proper vitamins and minerals for healthy nails is essential if you are constantly breaking your nails, you have splitting ends, etc.

Besides eating properly, giving your nails time to breathe and buffing them, there's not much else you can do. You’re already on the right path to get that great natural nail shine.

So remember those 4 things the next time you think about getting that clear gel manicure to get some shine on your nails. Do it the natural way!

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