Maybelline Nail Polish Review (Will we get a long lasting manicure?)

I believe that there are two types of girls in the world; first type prefers to use the same beauty products for many years, while second type always experiments with the new brands and colors. I belong to the second group: despite the fact that I have a long list of favorite beauty products, which I use year by year, I also enjoy trying something new. I’m always excited to test new nail polishes, because I don’t know whether this product will meet my expectations or not. Let's dive into this Maybelline Nail Polish Review!

A month ago I was looking for a bloody red nail polish for Halloween mani and Maybelline lacquer caught my attention. I’m not a fan of Maybelline products, but I found a perfect red shade in the new Color Show collection and decided to test it. Also I was surprised to find a refined beige shade, so I purchased it as well. In this article I’m going to review two Maybelline lacquers: An Old Flame and Better In Buff.

Maybelline Nail Polish Review

maybelline nail polish

An Old Flame

A bright red manicure is a classic and we can wear it for any occasion, and for this reason I’m always in search for the best bloody shade in the world.

I tested An Old Flame shade as soon as I got it. I applied first coat and found out that this lacquer is rather transparent. Also I was disappointed with the brush, because it was smaller then I expected: it was difficult to use. Nevertheless, application of the nail polish was pretty even. I had to wait 30 minutes until first coat got totally dried.  You can see the outcome of my efforts on the picture below.

An Old Flame

After that, I applied one more coat and I was fairly satisfied with the result. If you have white spots on your nail you should cover that up with an additional layer, because in some cases it’s a bit transparent. As for me, two coats were enough. This time I avoided using a lamp and waited an hour to make sure that coat had dried. It’s was too long for me. I believe that a two-coat mani looks much better, comparing with the only one coat result. Just look at the next photo.

I finished my mani with the Top2Bottom by Orly, because I don’t have Maybelline top coat and, in my opinion, this beauty product by Orly is one of the best in the market.

The saddest thing is that I had opportunity to enjoy my bloody red manicure only for 3 days! It was a great disappointment! You can see how my hands looked like on the third day after my morning shower on the pic below.

An Old Flame chip

I want to clarify that during this three days I didn’t have frequent contact with the water, I didn’t do any housework or any intense workouts. Considering this fact, An Old Flame by Maybelline cannot be considered as a long lasting lacquer.

However, I painted nails not only on my hands, but also on my feet. The process of application was the same. I had to wait for two hours before my 2 coats manicure got ready, but I was satisfied with such an even surface and glossy shine. The biggest difference between my manicure and pedicure was in wearing. It was a surprise for me, but nail polish on my feet looked perfect for 2 weeks! I noticed first chips only on 15th day.

So now I can name pros and cons of An Old Flame by Maybelline.


  • check
    Perfect red shade without any pink, orange or purple admixtures
  • check
    Glossy shine. I like this super even coat, which make my hands look super tidy.
  • check
    Ideal solution for pedicure. You can wear this lacquer for 2 weeks or more.


  • Brush is thin, it’s not that easy to apply the liquid on the nail.
  • Dries too slowly. You need two hours to make your mani without a lamp.
  • Peeling and chipping occurs too soon. If you don’t like to paint your nail every two days, you are better off choosing another lacquer. If you are looking for alternative bloody shades, you can read my Halloween article about three awesome red nail polishes here.
Maybelline Nail Polish An Old Flame

Better In Buff 

better in buff nail polish maybelline

I like beige nail polishes, but very often they are too transparent and require too many layers. Better in Buff by Maybelline is not an exception. The texture of this lacquer is extremely thin and even two coats look awful.

maybelline beige nail polish

I had to apply two more coats to get a color I was dreaming about. I didn’t like the application process because I faced a very streaky effect. I tried to paint my nails as accurately as I could, but still, the result was too far from perfect. The positive side is that this nail polish by Maybelline dries twice as fast. 10 minutes are more than enough for the first layer and 20 minutes for the next ones. I wore this manicure only for 3 days, because I had to remove it when first chips appeared.

Better In Buff Pros and Cons


  • check
    Natural beige shade can be obtained.
  • check
    Dries faster. Comparing to other nail polishes in this price segment, this lacquer dries not that slow.
  • check
    Easy to remove. You can save your time on boring nail polish removing process.


  • Too many layers must be applied.
  • Not even application. It is difficult to create a smooth glossy coverage.
  • Peeling and chipping occurs too soon.
maybelline better in buff

Summary of my Maybelline Nail Polish Review

Well, not every beauty experiment has a positive outcome, and Maybelline nail polishes did not win my heart. I’m going to use red lacquer in the future, but only for my pedicure. Probably, Maybelline nail polishes works much better with the top coat of this brand, but I have not opportunity to check it yet.

The point is that it’s much easier to buy nail polishes, which you have used before, because you have already know how good they are. And when you take a new product from the shelve in the supermarket, there is no guarantee that this very lacquer will meet your expectation. Nevertheless, nail art is all about creativity and trying new things, so I wish you to make more experiments and get only positive outcomes.

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