Orly Nail Polish Review (Your Perfect Golden Manicure)

Do you like golden jewelry? Every girl likes it, because it always looks so sumptuously! And what about golden manicure, do you also like it? I adore it so much! Shining particles makes the nails look luxurious. Especially in the summer, when you have a sexy suntan, the golden mani highlights your beauty so intensively! If you are wondering which golden lacquer in the best in the market, I will gladly tell you in this Orly Nail Polish Review.

Nail lacquer “Buried Treasure” by Orly is one of my favorites, which I can recommend. To make a perfect mani I advise to use it together with Orly Top 2 Bottom and you will never be disappointed. This “sweet couple” works pretty well together and now I am going to explain you why so.

Orly Buried Treasure Nail Polish Review

Orly Nail Polish Review

So, let’s analyze how many coats we need and what result we will get in the end!

Base Coat

Orly Top 2 Bottom is very useful for DIY manicure: you don’t need to buy two different bottles of base and finish coat liquids, so you can save few bucks. I like to apply Orly Top 2 Bottom as a first coat because of few reasons:

  • Comfortable Brush. Wide enough for smooth and fast application.
  • Fast Dry. I needed just one minute to ensure that the coat is totally dry before continuing.
  • No Streaks! The application of the base coat is very important. It is like a basement for a house. If it's not perfectly flat, then the final result will not meet your expectations.
Orly Buried Treasure Lacquer

2 Coats of “Buried Treasure” Lacquer

Actually, looking at pics online, I never would have thought that Buried Treasure is really a golden shade. However, in real life it looks like I have been dreaming about it. There are so many reasons why this Orly nail product can be considered as a “Golden Treasure” of your cosmetic bag.

Smooth texture. It is so easy to paint your nails when a nice texture covers your nail fast and easy. Surface is totally even and you will never see any ugly stripes. I tried many nail polishes, which seems to be beautiful, when you examine a bottle in the store, but they look monstrous on the nails because of their not homogeneous or too thick texture. So, I really like to use Orly and, as a result, my hands always look tidy and attractive.

Speedy drying. This Orly nail lacquer dries rather fast, so you will not wait for ages. However, you should still be patient before applying the next coat, only  to do so when you are confident that the previous one is totally dry. Don’t destroy your manicure by making this mistake, redoing it is annoying.

2 Coats Only. You don’t need more than two coats, because the color is very intensive and not transparent. So if you hate applying 3 or more layers, then you will be very happy to use this beauty product by Orly.

Orly Buried Treasure

High strength. I have noticed that nail polishes with micro granulated formula always have higher resistance to mechanical damages, and Buried Treasure by Orly is a great example. Even without top coat, this lacquer last on nails longer than other lacquers with homogeneous formulas from the Orly product range.

100% Golden Shine. I adore this shade so much! It’s not yellow, it’s not too dark or too light, it is a pure golden. Micro pieces make my manicure spark in the sun rays so mysteriously, and I can’t stop looking at my nails. Actually I noticed, that my super shiny mani attracts a lot of attention. So I got a lot of compliments last time: even girl from the queue in the supermarket gave me a compliment.


Orly Top 2 Bottom

Yes, ladies, this lacquer shine bright, just if you will apply top coat liquid to finish your mani. So, this golden nail polish by Orly has some significant disadvantages.

Top coat is urgently needed! In case if you are going to apply only lacquer of “Buried Treasure” shade, you will face at least two significant problems: first, your nails will not shine as bright as they could; and second, little golden sparkles will intensively crumble all over. So, if you want to get a mirror shine, please, use Top 2 Bottom by Orly or any other top coat, which you trust to. And if you don’t want to find small golden particles on your cloth, on your blankets and in your sink, YOU MUST use a TOP COAT.

It’s a bit pricy. Orly products cannot be considered as cheap ones, it’s a fact. In addition, now you know that for perfect mani you should buy, not only lacquer, but also a top coat liquid. So, if you are not ready for extra spending, it’s time to look for cheaper nail products for your golden manicure.

Orly Buried Treasure and Top2Bottom

Top Coat

Finally, it’s time to finish manicure with Top 2 Bottom by Orly. This liquid works pretty good for both: base and finish coats. So, you will not experience any difficulties with its application or drying. Nevertheless, it is important to point out one more feature of this nail product.

No chips, no peeling up for up 7 days. Top 2 Bottom does a great job, helping your mani to last for few days more. Minimum 3 days of perfect mirror shine covering is guaranteed. Last time, when I painted my nails using Top 2 Bottom, I enjoyed my manicure for a whole week. Remember, if you want to have a peace of mind when doing the manicure, make sure you have a manicure table that is comfortable.


Buried Treasure is a beautiful and luxurious shade of Orly lacquers; it always looks rich on your nails. This Orly polish is good in quality and is easy to apply. I like this beauty product, because it has homogeneous texture and a very intense marvelous color. However, the problem is that if you want to have a shiny golden manicure, you have no choice, but also use a high quality top coat. Buried Treasure and Top 2 Bottom are a perfect couple, which guarantees that your mani will look perfect for up to 7 days.

Orly Nail Polish Review
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