Best Nail Polish Christmas Gifts (A round up of the best products in 2017)

Everyone knows, if you want to prepare a perfect Christmas gift for your friends or family, you should do it beforehand. But sometimes there is the situation when we do not have enough time to make it happen. Fortunately, nowadays we don’t need to wait in lines for hours. We can just prepare last minute Christmas gifts with one click, but there is a question: what should you buy? This is my last minute nail polish Christmas gifts edition!

It’s not a secret, that every woman wants to look good and attractive. So, if you decided to prepare a beauty present, it would be a winning choice. Being an expert in nail polishes, I’ll show you last minute Christmas gifts!

Nail Polish Christmas Gifts

Detox Mask by Nails Inc.

Beauty of the nails starts from their health condition. Nails of every woman experience a lot of stress because of the frequent contact with the water and chemicals and are subjected to mechanical damages. To solve the nails health issues I recommend you the Overnight Detox Mask by Nails Inc. It’s a unique product, which is able to repair and regenerate nails during the night. As we know, good sleep is important for our beauty, because while we are lying in the bed, our body has time to recover itself and also recharge with the new portion of the vital energy. Even nails use the nighttime for renewing and growing.  Detox Mask by Nails Inc. contains green tea, acai berry and spirulina extracts, which are famous for their high antioxidant level and outstanding regenerating features. Detox Mask is a magical product, which ensures the healthy nail growth. Has your friend been dreaming about fast growing nails? It’s time to make her dream come true!

Dr. Hauschka Nail Oil

Detox Mask works well in pair with nourishing oil. You can choose the nail and cuticle oil by the same brand or try product by Dr. Hauschka. It is more expensive, but according to the hundreds of positive reviews, and what I heard about this product, it will not disappoint you. So why this oil is better than others presented in the market? Because of its unique formula: this includes not only apricot oil, but also neem leaf extract, which has a superpower to enhance the strength of the fingernail and toenails. If your friend paints her nails too often, or if she had gel extensions, then her nails require emergency assistance. With this Dr. Hauschka Nail Oil she will be able to recover her nails fast and easy, and have tidy hands even without a bright manicure. One drop is enough for treatment of one nail, so your friend will use your gift with a great joy for a long time.

Dior Huile Abricot Nutritive Nail & Cuticle Serum

Let’s continue our talk about the natural nail beauty and luxury nail care products. In fact, Nutritive Nail & Cuticle Serum by Dior is the first thing which comes to mind. This is the best alternative to the ordinary nail oils, which sometimes have too greasy of a texture and can cause stains on garments. Nails require a lot of minerals and vitamins to be strong and beautiful; and can you believe that this Dior product has them all? I like this rich apricot aroma and the smooth texture! One drop per nail and few massage movements – it’s all you need to have the perfect nails everyday! Vitamin E, Argan and apricot oil enrich every cell of the nails and cuticles with the cocktail of all essential elements.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Luxury Manicure Set

Perfectly shaped nails always look gorgeous, so it’s extremely important to use the high quality manicure tools. Believe me, there is no girl in the world, who can say that she don’t really care about the quality of her nail scissors or file. If you are not afraid of the heavy Christmas spending, then this 7-Piece Luxury Manicure Set by Zwilling J.A. Henckels is the best option ever. Kit includes Slant Tweezers, 2 different Scissors, Twin S Nail Clipper, File, Cleaner and Pusher. These nail art products are manufactured in Germany from the high quality stainless steel, so you can be sure that this Christmas gift will rejoice your friend for few decades. Every time, when your friend will use this deluxe manicure set, she will remember you. I really like idea about giving gifts, which will serve for more than a year, especially when we are talking about the gifts for people, who play an important role in our lives! If your friend wants to have super neat and healthy nails, then you must surprise her with this high quality manicure set by Zwilling J.A. Henckels!

Professional Manicure & Pedicure System

Another durable gift, which you can buy, is a powerful electric nail drill, which is easy to use for at-home nail care. For those ladies, who are very scrupulous and strives for excellence in manicure and pedicure, this beauty tool is a must have. This advanced mani system includes components, which are used to shorten the thick nails, remove dry skin, calluses and even ingrown nails. Also PureNails can file, smooth and polish the nails in the safest, but at the same time the most effective, way. If you know that your friend has been thinking of buying this beauty device, it’s time to act!

Gelish Harmony Salon Professional Gel Kit

Gelish Harmony Salon Professional Gel LED Nail Polish Pro Package Kit

This starter kit will be a great choice because it has everything you need for a gel manicure. Gelish Harmony Salon Professional Gel LED Nail Polish Pro Package Kit includes LED lamp (which cures all 5 fingers in 45 seconds), 5 color gel nail polishes, basic kit accessories, soak-off gel remover, and base & top coats.

With Gelish Harmony Starter kit everyone can create a gel manicure which will last for 3 weeks. Read more about Gelish vs Shellac if you'd like to know which kit is best to buy.

Press On Nails

Press On Nails

This glossy nails tips will be a perfect last minute Christmas gift for a busy friend. Not all of us have enough time for a manicure, some women have only 10 minutes for their beauty routine. In that way, Ejiubas Nails Tips Press On Nails will be a lifesaving present for your friend. These nail tips are long lasting and won’t take more than 5 minutes in preparation.

Nail Art Brush and Dotting Pen Tool Set

Nail Art Manicure Kit

This set includes 20 pieces: 15 nail art design brushes and 5 nail art 2-way drawing dotting painting pen. All tools are created from the high-end materials. Looks like a perfect Christmas gift for those who like to create their own nail design. It's usually a good idea to go through a lot of nail art brushes to find the best one for you.

Nail Polish Rack

Pana Black 6 Tier Large Wall Mounted Metal Rack Nail Polish Rack

If you have a friend who is a professional in nail beauty industry you can present this Pana Black large wall-mounted metal rack. This beautifully designed wall rack can hold up to 126 nail polish bottles. A nail polish rack is a nice gift for someone who has huge nail polish collection.

I hope that this christmas nail polish gift guide has helped you choose the best nail care Christmas gifts for your closest people and you will have a great holiday together. Don’t be shy to show your care about the people you are happy to be with, and be sure that your kindness and generosity will come back to you like a boomerang of smiles, love and sincerity.

P.S. Don’t forget to let your Secret Santa read this post and to guess which product YOU would be glad to get for Christmas.

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