The Best Nail Polish Shaker (Extend your Nail Polish Shelf Life!)

The Best Nail Polish Shaker! It’s what you need every time you’re having trouble with your nail polish. Your nail polish could feel thicker and not consistent whenever you apply it after a given period. A nail polish shaker machine comes in handy to make your nail polish be smooth as you use it as well as give you a consistent and shiny look on your nails.

The Best Nail Polish Shaker

best nail polish shaker

What is a Nail Polish Shaker?

I bet you’re wondering what does this nail shaker got to do with your nail polish. You’re not alone. We tend to use the natural, or lets it call it, the traditional method of shaking our nail polish when applying it. Nowadays, with advancements in technology, we have the nail polish shaker.

It’s a cosmetic tool like any other with the sole purpose of preparing your nail polish to be in its best state before applying. It does this by shaking the nail polish vigorously, and at the end, you’ll surely be satisfied with the finish on your nails.

Get yourself the best nail polish shaker on the market, and it will ease up your life when it comes to nail polish application. You won’t need to worry about getting shrink-back issues and lack of smoothness for your polish.  It will shake it smooth. Be it your traditional nail polish or gel polish. According to research, it has proven to be the most anticipated gel polish shaker among many households and nail polish shops. Your polish will have no shrinking and will provide better coverage, and all this is achieved in less than five minutes of shaking the polish bottle.

If you’re having problems with those glitter polishes that sink to the bottom over time from when you used it last. Then, the nail shaker will shake up the polish bottle until all the contents are mixed up in the correct proportions. After the shaking, it becomes much easier to apply the polish on your nails since the substance of the polish bottle is smooth and ready for application.

Do you happen to manually shake your nail polish whenever you want to apply it? If so, the reason could be because you find that the gel nail polish brands are very thick especially if it’s not used frequently. With time it gets even much thicker, and it becomes tedious and difficult to use. The frequent shaking can cause problems with your wrist or fingers and the chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome are high.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

It’s a syndrome that is associated with excessive pressure on a nerve in your wrist. If not treated it can cause numbness, tingling as well as pain in your wrist and fingers. The syndrome can manage itself with time (it can take several months to heal), but in some cases, you may need to go for surgery.

Now, you have a clear picture what is carpal tunnel syndrome. It's best to put up preventive measures even though it can cure itself. One of the ideal means is to stop shaking vigorously your nail polish bottles every time you want to apply it. This points out to the frequent users who repeatedly shake the polish bottle whenever they want to make the nail polish to be ready and smooth for application. This repeated action can cause injury to the hand and wrist, or you can get carpal tunnel syndrome.

To be on a safer side with your wrist, I would recommend you purchase the best nail polish shaker to do all the vigorously shaking of your polish instead of having to shake it, and it will reduce the chances of ever being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. A nail polish shaker is the best protection against the syndrome.

The benefits of the Best Nail Polish Shaker

Saves time

The nail shaker is time efficient since it saves you the time you could have wasted while shaking the nail polish as well as the time lost while applying a gel polish that is very thick. With a nail polish shaker machine, it does all the work by shaking the bottle almost 1000 times in seconds, to get a smooth and consistent application on your nails.

Less effort

With the best nail polish shaker, you don’t need to use any effort in trying to prepare the nail polish by shaking it vigorously. If you were to get the same result as a nail polish shaker machine does by shaking the polish bottle, it would take much of your effort to achieve that. All you have to do is to place the bottle on the machine and strap it and press the button and give it time for it to be shaken properly.

Nail polish preparation

It makes it possible to prepare your nail polish to be ready and smooth to be applied flawlessly. The end-result is getting a manicure that is very satisfying. No more worries of encountering very thick and difficult to use gel polishes. The shaker prepares the polish to be consistent when applying it.

No more injury risks

To bring back the nail polish to its correct consistency you or the nail technician must spend a considerable amount of time and effort by shaking the polish bottle endlessly. With time you may start experiencing pains in your fingers and wrist. This frequent shaking of the nail polish can even cause you to get carpal tunnel syndrome, but with the best nail polish shaker it will reduce any manual shaking, and everything will be automatic. The only work to do is to apply the polish itself with no need of shaking it.

More business

There will be an increase in business when it comes to the nail polish shops. No wastage of time in preparing the gel polish and no more injuries to the nail techs. Happy nail technicians translate to happy customers. The more the customers are happy, the more the nail polish business will bloom. The gel shaker machine will reduce both the time and effort much needed in getting ready the gel polish. The time the nail techs could have taken to keep on shaking the bottle to get the correct consistency, they can allocate that time to serving another client on the line.

Avoid bubbles in your nail polish

I had to list this as the last since it’s the main issue of why we even shake the nail polish. You shake the polish to remove any bubbles since when the polish is applied with a lot of them, the finish on your nails will be inconsistent. It will be much discussed as we move on.

Let’s take a look at how to know the best nail polish shaker for you to have.

What You Need to Know About the Best Nail Polish Shaker

Apart from being fast, efficient, and carpal tunnel syndrome preventive measure, a nail polish shaker is considered one of the best by reducing or not even having any single bubble in the nail polish. It makes sure that your nail polish lasts longer than if you were to manually shake the bottle.

With the best nail polish shaker, you don’t need to keep on shaking the bottle before each manicure. It’s the main advantage for the nail techs who could be having many customers every day. The act of shaking the polish bottle not only is annoying, but it’s also tedious and time-consuming, and it can also put you in danger with your wrist.

To get the nail polish to be even and smooth by shaking the bottle is very difficult. But with a nail shaker, it’s just a matter of seconds by pressing the button on the nail polish shaker machine,

There are two versions of the nail polish shaker that can be purchased on Amazon. There are the expensive ones that only use electricity and the cheap ones that either use electricity or batteries. It all depends on how large your pockets are, but I would suggest you try them out first and if it’s not possible to read the reviews online. I will come into to that to discuss two of the best nail polish shakers on the market today. Please check the comparison below.

Like I stated earlier, the reason for having a nail polish shaker is to avoid air bubbles in your nail polish which can pop and sometimes leave holes in your manicure. The air bubbles are present especially if you’re handshaking the polish bottle.

Apart from the bubbles, the gel polish manicure can chip faster than when performed at the salon. The common mistake could be that you’re shaking the bottle wrongly. It’s recommended that you roll the bottle if you want your gel polish to have a proper mixing, and that is where a gel polish shaker comes in handy. The nail shaker does not cause any bubbles, and it mixes the polish well.

The best nail polish shaker has created a solution to almost all problems linked to the nail polish. It saves you time and effort, and it shakes it smooth. You don’t need to handshake the nail polish if you have the best nail shaker. Nail experts are always against the shaking of the nail polish bottles.

Why you should never shake the nail polish bottle!

It’s a familiar routine especially if you don’t have a gel polish shaker to shake the bottle before you apply the manicure.

It’s one of the reasons that ruin your manicure. Even if you have the best nail polish shaker with you, after it does its work, don’t shake the bottle again. Let it rest, and you can now evenly and smoothly apply the gel polish.

It’s argued that every time you shake the bottle, it traps some air inside which can transfer on your nails in the form of holes in your manicure. Apart from shaking the bottle, shoving the brush back into the bottle can cause air bubbles in your polish.  You should not pump the brush in and out of the bottle neck as well as try as much as possible to have enough polish on the brush every time you drive the brush into the polish bottle.

Once the nail polish gets air bubbles, you’ll notice that the polish chips faster than when it has no bubbles. If you don’t have a gel polish shaker, then you can just roll the polish bottle between your hands to mix it properly. An alternative to avoid getting air bubbles on your polish is to make sure you only shake your nail polish using a nail polish shaker machine.

To help on how to avoid air bubbles in your nail polish, I’ll list a few steps to follow.

Steps on avoiding nail polish bubbles

  • Never shake your polish bottle but use a nail polish shaker.
  • Avoid thick nail polish by shaking it vigorously using a nail polish shaker machine.
  • Keep the lids on your polish while doing the manicure.
  • Use a base coat to avoid bubbles on your manicure.
  • Always do your nails in a cool, dry place.
  • If you’re using multiple layers, lets the first coat dry properly.
  • Lift the nail brush as little as possible to avoid creating bubbles as you shove it back.
  • Don’t hurry with the nail polish application, take your time.

Comparison of The 2 Nail Polish Shakers

There are several nail polish shaker machines on the market today. But I’ll be comparing only two of them.

The two nail polish shaker machines to be discussed here are the PROShaker Version 2.0 and Elite99 Professional Nail Lacquer Polish Shaker. A brief introduction will be followed by the Pros and Cons of each of the nail shakers respectively.

PROSh​​​​aker Version 2.0

best nail polish shaker

It’s one of the best nail polish shaker machines that you can purchase without any regrets. It's very efficient by just inserting your inverted bottle of gel polish in the holder. Don’t forget to hold it with the top part of the same holder at the end of the metallic silver springs. After doing that hit the red button located at the back of the gel polish shaker and relax for about 60 seconds. Note that you can stop the shaking process by pressing the red button again.

It has a dimension of 9.4 x 8.7 x 9.4 inches. Thus it can comfortably accommodate almost all sizes of polish bottles, and it weighs 7.6 pounds.


  • It has an automatic 60 seconds timer for each cycle.
  • It operates quietly and smoothly.
  • It has maximum stability due to the presence of Zinc-die cast.
  • It works perfectly with many sorts of polish bottle shapes, types or brands.
  • It has a straightforward and safe system that holds the polish bottle in place.
  • It eliminates cases of streaking and shrinkage due to poor mixing.
  • It has space saving design that is also ergonomic.
  • It lessens the time one would take to complete mani-pedis.
  • It has a universal power of 110- 240 Volts AC, and thus it uses less electricity.


  • It is expensive and only lasts for about one year.

Elite99 Professional Nail Lacquer Polish Shaker

Elite99 Professional Nail Lacquer Polish Shaker

If you’re looking for the cheapest nail polish shaker machine, then you might consider purchasing the Elite99.  It’s very easy to operate. All you need to do is just place the polish bottle on the top part and hold it with the detachable strap on both ends and press the black button located on the top upper surface of the nail shaker. What makes it be the best nail polish shaker is the fact that it can either use electricity or runs on AA batteries.

It has a dimension of 7.52 x 5 x 2.99 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds.


  • It’s very easy to use.
  • It can shake every shape as well as all types of polish bottles.
  • It made of high-quality ABS material and thus it does not wear fast.
  • In 60 seconds it performs about 5600 shakes for proper mixing of the nail polish
  • Its design is of low-profile footprint which makes it friendly to operate.
  • It uses both electricity and batteries.
  • It has a lighter pressure “pulse on” that acts as the on/off button.
  • It has a universal input of 220-240V thus it uses a bit of the electricity than the other.


  • It stops suddenly, and you have first to unplug it and then plug it back while using electricity.

How to Use a Nail Polish Shaker

  • Step one - The first step is to position the nail polish shaker machine on a flat surface. Connect it to an electrical outlet or make the sure the batteries are not used up and are inserted correctly.
  • Step two - Place the polish bottle on the holder. There are types of gel polishes that are inserted vertically and secured using the top part of the holder while others are placed and are secured using detachable straps.
  • Step three - Confirm that the polish bottle is safely placed and secured to avoid any breakage or injury once you start the nail shaker. Make sure the holder or the straps perfectly fits on the bottle.
  • Step four - Once the polish bottle is secure, now you can start shaking your nail polish by pressing the start button. It can either be located on the top or the back of the nail polish shaker. You can set the amount of time you want to shake the bottle. Some nail shakers have an automatic 60 seconds timer.
  • Step five - The last step is to remove the polish bottle from the nail polish shaker machine and allow it to rest for about one minute. It gives time for the nail polish to settle and mix properly. Now, the nail polish is ready to be applied.

How Much Money Can It Save You

There is no specific amount of money a nail polish shaker machine can save you. But it can reduce a lot of replacement costs of thick and difficult to use nail polishes or even eliminate the chances of breakages while handshaking the polish bottle. Also, the likelihood of getting carpal tunnel syndrome due to polish bottle shaking is reduced. Thus you don’t have to incur an extra income to treat or even go for wrist surgery.

With that much said, the best nail polish shaker will save a lot of money for you.

Thank you for reading the article. Was it helpful? If so, then you should get the best nail polish shaker for shaking your nail polish. Share it widely and don’t forget to leave a reply.

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