Terrifying Beauty (The Best Nail Polish For Halloween)

There are so many holidays in the year, and it’s a great idea to adapt your manicure to every special occasion. Halloween is coming and it’s time to create your unique terrifying nail design! Even if you have not decided yet how to paint your nails, I strongly recommend you to buy the best nail polish for Halloween in these shades; black, red and orange shades. There is no doubt that you will use these colors! Black is associated with a Gothic culture, and it can be used for drawing cats, spiders, bats and other creepy features. You will probably use the red shade for realistic blood drops, and orange for the very scary pumpkins. 

Halloween is a funny holiday, which drives imagination, so you can create very a original manicure and win attention of the party attendants. However, if you have no time or desire to make a special mani, just paint your nails with the black, red or orange nail polishes and you will be in trend.

I’m ready to help you with selecting the best nail polish for the horror manicure. I’ve already found the most beautiful shades of red, black and orange, so now you can make your choice fast and easily.

Dark Black Night

Ultimate black is a must have for every fashionista and of course it is extremely useful for a Halloween manicure! However, not every black nail polish is glossy and beautiful enough. If you are looking for a black nail gel polish, then read my article about the best “7 black shades”. If you need the ordinary lacquers, here are the three best products for you.

Liquid Vinyl by Orly

I adore Orly lacquers because of their high quality and no chips for so many days. This rich black color is extremely glossy, especially if you use it with Top2Bottom by Orly. If you like everything black, you will like this amazing deep shade.

Liquid Vinyl by Orly

Liquid Leather by China Glaze

Do you know how to become a Horror Movie Queen? Just paint your nails with this absolutely black lacquer and let your terrifying beauty shine! Nail polish by China Glaze is super easy to apply without any streaking effects.

Liquid Leather by China Glaze

Black Onyx by OPI

I think that you’ve already know that Black Onyx is a gem, which has its magical power. Halloween is all about magic, so this O.P.I. nail polish is a perfect choice for an awfully beautiful night. This lacquer ensures the super smooth application with the full coverage, thus your nails will look extremely black and charming.

Black Onyx by OPI

Bloody Red

Red color is so beautiful by itself, but which shades of popular brands will help you to create an effect of blood on your nails? Look at these best examples!


Classic red shade by famous O.P.I. brand is a great solution for a spooky monster manicure. It looks like just a real blood from your veins! This red lacquer is perfect choice for an at home manicure, which is able to deliver a professional result.


Blood Shade by OneDor

This color is extremely rich and beautiful. This saturated shade by OneDor will help you create super realistic “bloody” effect not only on your nails, but also on any other decorations you are going to use. There are no doubts that this very shadow will help you create a fantastic Halloween look.

Blood shade by OneDor

Bubbles Only by Essie

This red shade by Essie is a great option to choose. As you know, Essie lacquers are rather reliable, so your red manicure will look great not only during one-night Halloween party, but for a whole week. If you have never used Essie lacquers before, you can read my product review here.

Bubbles only by Essie

Scary Pumpkin

A pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween, so it’s important to find the best orange shade for your creepy manicure. Then you can draw small scary pumpkins or use this fantastic color as a background for the black elements such as spiders, cats or a night city skyline. You don’t need a lacquer with any sparkling or metallic effect; you need bright, but natural colors for your Halloween manicure.

A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find

And again, O.P.I. is ready to offer you a perfect pumpkin shade! O.P.I. has one of the greatest varieties of shades, so it’s not a surprise that you can find all Halloween colors in its product range. Smooth texture, high quality and comparatively low price are definitely worth your attention.

A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find

Tiddly by Butter London

I’m in love with this delectable shade! It’s a perfect color to choose, if you want to have an ideal Scary Pumpkin Manicure! According to the numerous reviews of the Butter London lacquers, the shade of the bottle always corresponds with the final result, which you get on your nails. Thus, this orange shade will never spoil your Halloween look.

Tiddly by Butter London

Brights, Orange Brust by BMC

If you need a pumpkin shade, this color is right for you. Moreover, this beauty product is a perfect solution for girls, who are going to use nail stickers. This stamping polish is widely used for nail art, so you can utilize it for your Halloween mani experiments.

Brights, Orange Burst by B.M.C.

Halloween Nail Stickers

A great tip for every girl! If you have never tried to draw a picture on your nails before, or if you cannot make it accurately, I recommend you to look at Nail Stickers. You do not need to have any specific skills to apply ready-to-use images on your nails. You can create your Halloween manicure in few steps: apply a basic coat, let it dry; then place an image on your nail; and, finally, apply a top coat over it and let it dry fully.

The good news is that stickers can be used with the ordinary lacquers, gel nail polishes and UV/LED lamps. Nail stamping kits are widely available online, so you can choose something really special.

Halloween Nail Stickers

Best Nail Polish For Halloween

A Manicure for a Halloween party is your opportunity to express your creativity in nail art. You can draw creepy creatures or bloodshed on your nails by yourself, or simply use the nail stickers. If you like to do everything in a simple way, just paint your nails with the black, orange or red nail polish, which perfectly suit the Halloween theme. I hope this article will help you design the best manicure ever! Here’s to you having a frightfully pleasant Halloween!

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