Best Nail Art Brushes (It takes a while to find your Perfect Match)

Many people like simple things. That is something you can notice when you just take a look at them. Their outfit isn’t colorful and striking and they don’t like to stand out. They feel the most comfortable when they fit in. Here is the same situation when we talk about nail’s look. I am sure you have seen people with regular nail polish coats. Just one solid color, no real emotions or character. That can look pretty but I prefer something else. My favorite way to personalize a manicure is by doing something creative with the client using one of my best nail art brushes.

They always tell me their wishes and what they imagine. Then I find a way to express my creativity paying attention to the fact that they have to be satisfied with the final result. This is something I really like to do. That feeling when you share your art with the world is really the best. But no matter how good of an artist I am, without good tools, my hands are tied. So I have to have the right tools before I start. This combination of the tools, talent and experience is a recipe for the great result.

best nail art brushes

You need to get some appropriate products if you want to decorate the nails. But one of the most important nail art tools is a nail art brush. That is something essential. No matter how great of an artist are you, and how much experience you have, you can’t work without them. So take some time to read some basic information before you start. Luckily, you are at the right place. Using these nail art tools, you will be able to pour your creativity into the manicure and bring your client a wonderful experience.

I own a LOT of nail art brushes, dotting pens, etc. Through trial and error, I found the perfect ones for me, and I generally recommend that you do the same. A brush that I find easy and comfortable to use may not be the same as the one that you will be the most comfortable with. Also, it depends on your client’s need. And every client wants something else. So, there are many different types and sizes of nail art brushes. That makes you able to create many different looks.

Best Nail Art Brushes

What I recommend is to get this 20 piece set and see which brush sizes you use the most. Today, the offer is a very diversified. You also have to be able to create different shapes and that’s why you need different types and sizes of the nail art brushes. For the beginning, you can try to use the basic set. Some of the brushes that I use often are the flat brush, flat angled brush, dotting tool, detail brush, striping brush and fan brush. Afterwards, go ahead and purchase the more expensive nail art brushes if you so desire.

Basic Nail Art Brush Set

best nail art brushes
best nail art dotting tools

Flat/Flat angled brush: I usually use these brushes to create flowers. Flowers are something that my clients want pretty often. And these tools are the best for this. Using them you can be sure that you will get a nice shape. In my opinion, a flat brush is easier to use than the other ones. For this angled brush you should have a lot of experience. When I was just beginning, I couldn’t use it properly. But now, it is something I can’t work without.

Dotting tool: As you can see from its name, I use this tool for the dots. These brushes have many different sizes and you can create small and bigger dots. So, you have to get more than just one brush if you want to create great dots. These tools often come with the brush on one end and the dotting tool on the other. I use dotting tools pretty often, because I really like how the dots look on the nails, and sometimes dots are the perfect thing to give that nice finish and to complete the look.

Detail brush: This nail art brush is perfect for the small details. This one is pretty thin when you compare it to others. It becomes even thinner when it’s wet. It lets you pay attention to the smallest details. When you work on a such as small surface as a nail bed, details are the most important thing. That is something that you must have to finish the nail look and be sure that the look is completed.

Striping brush: This one has a long and thin brush. It is really interesting brush. I have never worked with something similar before I started doing a nail art. It is the best for the lines on the nails, geometrical shapes, small lines (French manicure) and anything else when you need to create a perfect long line.

Fan brush: The perfect brush for the “gradient effect”. This is something really interesting and my clients ask for this look pretty often. This one is also the best if you need to apply the glitter or tinsels. Applying glitter was so hard with any other brush I tried before. Luckily, I found the right brush for this. The fan brush is really practical. Using this brush you can apply them fast and precisely.

What are the best nail art brushes for acrylic nails?

one end point acrylic nail brush

If you're working on acrylic nails, a brush that has one point makes work more precise. That is something you must have. With this one, you can create different shapes. You can find a brush like this in any nail art set, either the one for $5 or the one for $30. It just depends on which one you find more comfortable to use. Their prices depend on the brand (sometimes a brand can ridiculously increase the price of the product) or of which material they are made.

These brushes are made of animal hairs, sometimes squirrel and sometimes weasel. They also can be made from some synthetic materials. These which are made from the natural materials are more expensive. However, because we don't know what kind of conditions these animals are kept in, or if the process to get the hairs is cruelty-free, it's best to go with synthetic brushes, or with a brand that you truly believe in. I would recommend you Synthetic watercolor brushes. I believe they are the best alternatives.

Therefore, the best acrylic nail brushes are the ones with a tip that ends in one point! Go through a trial and error period with a few different sets and figure out which ones you like the best. That’s the best way if you want to find the right tools for you. If you spend $30, you will be swimming in nail art brushes and will definitely find some that you like.

Best Nail Brushes for Acrylic Nails

Synthetic Kolinsky

  • Tip end Point
  • Great Investment
  • Strokes with Soft Edges
  • Rare and High Quality

Detail Brush Set

  • Korean Nylon Hair
  • 7 Sizes
  • Brass Ferrules
  • Detail Paint Brushes

So besides regular nail polish and acrylic nails, the other remaining type of manicure is with gel.

The gel nail art brushes have been developed to apply a thick layer of gels. They are wider and harder so it's easy to pick up the gel material. In addition, you can find some that are softer and made of synthetic materials for softer gels.

You can use acrylic nail brushes for gel nails as well, just make sure you always wash off the previous work from your brush. Or you can have dedicated brush sets for each type of manicure. That would be the best. Because it isn’t the same if you are working on the acrylic nails or the nail with gel. So I suggest you to get some basic brushes for the every type of the manicure.

Best Brushes for Gel Nails

 Gel Brushes

Gel and Acrylic Nail Art Brushes
  • 7 Gel Brushes
  • Two End Dotting Pens
  • Great Quality for Price
  • Don't shed bristles

Turquoise Brushes

turqouise gel brushes
  • 16 Piece Set
  • Works well with Gel
  • Comes with a Case
  • Tolerate Acetone

A great nail art set or kit lets you immediately try out various things. Get a nail fan and start practicing with your nail art brushes and dotting tools! It's a great way to make those sexy designs you've been wanting to try out. Express your creativity in the best way. These are my dotting tools below.


nail dotting tools

A lot of amazing nail art comes from Europe. If you ever watch come across a youtube video by a Ukrainian or a Russian, you will be amazed.

Here's great little video to learn how to use Winstonia Nail Art Brushes and dotting tools.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a nail brush stand?

You don't need one since you can use an old coffee cup (I use a transparent cup), but to look professional, get a nice nail brush stand that fits your manicure table or work station. You can also be creative and make an old coffee cup amazing. Try to cover your cup with some small and nice glued rocks. That is the best way to be sure that your costumers will see that you are a creative person.

Where can I buy nail art brushes?

I suggest you purchase them online. Generally, Amazon is pretty much the best place to buy anything you want. Buying them on this site you can be sure that you will get good quality products. If you have a beauty store membership, I suggest you check out those places as well, they have hidden gems! However, if you are just a starting out, get the 20 piece set and see which ones fit your hand the best.

Can I use brushes that aren't made for nail art?

Yes you can, I sometimes use brushes which I bought for art classes. I can work with them and often get very nice results. However, they aren't easy to work with and the nail polish does ruin them after some time. You won't be able to use them for art much and I don't recommend this.

  1. Great article but please don’t recommend animal hair. No beauty product is worth torturing and killing these animals. The animal fur/hair industry used for fashion and beauty is beyond cruel, it’s evil what they do to these animals.

    1. Hi Jessica, I agree. There’s no reason why synthetics can’t be used. However, there are brands that are “Cruelty-Free”, or so they say, but I doubt that the animals are running around on a grass field or are kept in a nice environment. I will suggest some great synthetic alternatives. 🙂

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