Best Nail Buffer (Brighten Your Mood with Shiny Nails)

Let’s get you started with, what is a nail buffer? It’s a beauty tool intended to give your nails, both the toenails as well as the fingernails that shining look achieved through sanding and friction on the nail surface. That act of nail polishing is known as nail buffing. So, let's find out, which is the best nail buffer!

A description of a nail buffer can be simplified as an emery board or sponge that consists of different colored sections or a block with varying textures on each side. Some of the best nail buffers come with written instruction as steps from one to four indicated on them to help you in using the tool. You can also combine it with paste to fill all the ridges on the nails. I recommend you get a nail buffer if you don’t have since it’s easy to understand how to use it.

Be informed that nail buffers come with variation from a one-sided to four-sided one. These tools also have different roughness or level of grit to give you maximum satisfaction.

Do you want to get that consistent and shiny look on your nail surfaces? Then go for the best nail buffer with a finer grit and start rubbing or polishing your nails to get that satisfying look on your nails.

Best Nail Buffer

Why Everyone Needs the Best Nail Buffer, From Nail Technicians to Everyday People

Today, in many places you’ll find several outlets for nail polishing growing extremely, since nail upkeep is not only for the looks but it is also a healthy factor. Nail buffers have become so popular among women as well as men.

According to many societies and cultures, it’s considered inappropriate for men to wear nail polish as it is the case for women, which is a common practice. That should not limit any man to keep his nails in a good looking state. This is where the buffers are useful for men to use it to have well-groomed and clean nails that are natural.

Also, for women who don’t have much time to keep on using beauty treatments for their nails they can opt for the nail buffers since buffing lasts longer than traditionally polished manicures. Any woman should regard buffing as an alternative to that time-consuming nail polishing with clear gloss or lacquer since you’ll get similar results that are more appealing especially if you’re using the best nail buffers on the market today.

For those who find it tedious to do their nails, then, they can go for buffing from nail technicians who will leave you speechless since they have mastered for years on how to buff nails of all kinds. There are those with rough nails while others have soft nails and each kind of nails needs extreme care when doing buffing so that it does not become more of a problem than beauty. Nail technicians all over have opted for the best nail buffers with fine grit to produce neat and shiny look on the nail surfaces. If you don’t want to do the buffing yourself, then you can go to a nail polish shop where professional nail technicians will attend to you.

It’s a clear indication that our nails play a significant role in our lives by making or leaving impressions with other people. You can either be holding a pen while attending an interview or when shaking hands with people, and our nails are the first aspect to be noticed, and so you need to be prepared by having well-maintained nails surfaces.

Every morning before stepping out of your door be sure to note that your nails describe much about you. With this in mind, try to buff your nails at most once in a month to maintain that shiny and consistent look for your nails.

Poorly kept and bitten nails most of the times can give an impression that you have low self-confidence. Short and neat nails, on the other hand, is a clear indication that you showcase professionalism and practicality. If you want to leave an affirmative impression in your daily routines such as shaking hands where your nails are the first thing to get noticed, then you need to purchase the best nail buffer to use for upholding that stunning look for your nails.

Make it a habit for you to have a good nail care routine. You can either buff your nails at home or visit a nail polish salon to have it taken cared for by qualified nail technicians.

best nail buffers

Summary of buffing benefits

  • It stimulates blood circulation to your nails, and thus your nails grow faster and healthy.
  • It also aids in getting rid of all dead and dry surface cells on both your fingernails and toenails.
  • ​You can use buffing as an alternative to nail polish since it makes your nails to be consistent, smooth, and shiny.
  • Lastly, it will make every ridge to be smooth, and you’ll have a bright and healthy looking nail surface.

The Different Types of Nail Buffers

There are different types of nail buffers on the market today. So you’ll need to get one that suits all your buffing needs, from a buffer with a fine grit to a one-sided or four-sided one.

To simplify on the types of nail buffers we have:

Manual nail buffers

These bear a resemblance to rectangular blocks or large nail files, and they are mostly used for smoothing and polishing either real or artificial nail. If you have thick and uneven nails, I would recommend you get a manual nail buffer that is thick as compared to the standard nail buffer. It will boost the speed and the consistency of smoothing your nail surfaces.

Note that thick nail buffers are strongly recommended mostly for artificial or acrylic nails.

The best nail buffers normally consist of either two or three sided, but you can still find a buffer that is four-sided. A nail buffer can have a coarser side, medium grit or finer side. The coarser side should be used for smoothing the rough nail surfaces as well as the ridges. The medium grit should be used for rubbing nail surfaces. Lastly, the finer side is for doing the final touches on your nails to leave a better polishing job.

Electric nail buffers

These are more expensive as compared to the manual ones and they run on electricity. Since they use electricity to function makes them faster than a manual buffer in doing buffing. I would recommend you get an electric nail buffer if you don’t need to be visiting a nail technician to do your nail since they accomplish buffing most neatly and consistently way as possible. Best Electric nail buffers are more durable than the manual nail buffers. So, if you’re looking for the best nail buffers then get yourself an electric one to get maximum satisfaction.

How to Use A 4-Sided Nail Buffer

If you need the best tool to ease up all your nail polish, then I suggest you try out the four-sided nail buffer. All 4-sided buffers have similar features, and each side is numbered from side 1 to side 4. It’s of significance to know how each of the four sides operates and its functions. I’ll take you through all the four sides. sd

Side one – File

If you need to shape your nails, this is the side to go for when you want a round or square shape for your nails. I would suggest that you do it in short and sharp rubs and make sure you file in only one direction. If you do it in a different direction, you can distort the shape of your nail. So, you should file and check and keep doing this until you get your desired shape.

Side two – Buff

This is the side that buffs away any peeling or ridges as well as smooth out your nail surfaces. It’s recommended not to go back and forth while using this side but to use it in an X-shape format. Don't over buff since it can damage your nail surface.

Side three – Polish

It’s the side that improves any little imperfections left after doing the buffing. In case you missed a spot while doing buffing, this side smoothens the surface to make it glossier and perfect looking. It uses a finer buffer to bring out the best finishing.

Side four – Shine

It’s the last side of a 4-sided nail buffer. A side that is for doing more shining to your nail surfaces, and it should be done gently until you get the desired radiant look. Having done that now your nails are ready for any slick of polish.

Now that you know how a four-sided nail buffer works, I bet you’re convinced this is the best nail buffer for you to have. Don’t wait anymore and go straight to that nail shop and purchase one and you’ll not regret in investing in this cosmetic tool for your nails.

4 sided nail buffer instructions

The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Nail Buffers

There is not much difference for nail buffers regarding whether it’s an expensive one or a cheap one. For instance, the manual nail buffers are less costly as compared to the electric nail buffers, but they perform the same functions. It’s just that the electric one buffs faster and more consistent than a manual one.

Most manufacturers of the expensive nail buffers argue that these buffers are of high quality and more durable than the cheap nail buffers. The different pricing can also be due to the brand as well as the packaging.

If you need excellent quality for your nail buffer, then be sure to put more in your budget and get the expensive nail buffer since high quality for any item comes at a greater price. An expensive one will give you that noticeable natural shine than a cheap one. You should purchase the best nail buffer that fits your budget.

When Should You Use Your Nail Buffer

You probably need to make sure you don’t over-buff your nails as this can weaken them, or the surface of your nails can be prone to chipping.

The work of the best nail buffer is get rid of any bumps, ridges, stains or any old polish coloring thus making your nails surfaces to have a smooth and shiny look with no any chemical intervention. As your nails start growing that effect will begin to fade and thus you’ll need to buff them. It’s recommended not to buff so often as this can weaken or even cause an infection on your nails.

You should buff you nails at most once in a month. But if you get severe ridges on your nails then you can opt for velvet buffing that you can perform after two days. Later on, you can buff with chamois to have that bright glow on your nails.

If you’re using a colored nail polish on your nails, then you don’t need to buff your nails. You can wait until the nail polish wears out and this increases the time between nail buffing.

Before you decide to buff your nails, you should make sure you have prepared them for the process. You can do this by checking and maintaining the shape of the nails is consistent, and you can use a nail file to shape them. Also, you can use nail clipper if your nails are very long to clip them before using a nail file. You can start by filling off any uneven and rough edges from both your fingernails and toenails.

With all that in mind, be keen to note that you should always start with a coarse grit, then a finer grit, and end with a polish file. This will bring out that smooth and shiny look on your nails without missing any imperfections.

By buffing daily, you’ll be making your nails surface thinner and weaker. Also, excessive buffing can cause the nails surfaces to wear out and brittle. Try to maintain buffing only once in a month. Get yourself the best nail buffer, and you won’t have the need to buff again in that month since it will give you a preferred look.

4 sided nail buffer

When Do You Throw Away the Nail Buffer

It’s not sure when you should throw away your nail buffer. It all depends on how long you use it or how you store it.

If you’re the kind that buffs nail quite often then make sure you use it for less than three months. It’s because if you decide to keep it longer, it can become more of a problem and cause health issues with your nails. If you don’t need any nail damage on your nails every time you buff, then make sure to throw away and replace nail buffers with plates that are blunt.

The more you keep a nail buffer without proper maintenance it can lead to building up of bacteria which later on will cause a severe infection on your nails. You should always throw away any nail buffer that comes into contact with any bacteria or even blood. Make sure you dispose it away from the reach of children. Don't keep it on your manicure table!

If you don’t need to keep on throwing or replacing your nail buffer, then make sure to store it in an enclosed place that is out of reach for kids. Most kids play with any tool in the house, and this can lead to the nail buffer to be less productive as it was when new. Proper storage and replacing it when it’s worn out are the major determinants of when you need to throw away your nail buffer.

According to most sources, you can use your nail buffer for at least 20 times before you decide to replace it. Once you use it regularly, you might notice a buildup of debris or dust on the nail buffer over time, and this is a clear indication it’s time for you to throw away the nail buffer and replace it with a new one.

Are nail buffers reusable? Another question that arises when you talk about throwing away the nail buffer after doing the nail service. Yes! It’s reusable, but it all depends on the materials it’s made up of. Those made from the paper material cannot be washed and thus can’t be reused. However electronic nail buffers or those made from a different material apart from paper can be reused since they allow washing. Note that for electric nail buffer you should only wash the tip.

What Not to Do with The Nail Buffer

  • Do not over buff since it can cause friction and thus release heat which weakens your nail.
  • You should not buff in a back and forth direction but in an X-shape pattern while you buff and check between strokes.
  • Avoid during surgical conditions.
  • If you have any skins infection, then you should avoid using a nail buffer.
  • For women who are pregnant, they should avoid using a nail buffer since it can lead to high blood pressure due to increased uterine contractions.
  • You should not use a nail buffer if your nails are brittle.
  • In a day always buff for about 5-10 minutes with your nail buffer, and you should not over do.
  • You should not use a nail buffer that has come into contact with blood or one that has a buildup of bacteria.
  • You should not wash a nail buffer if it’s made of a paper material and for the electric ones it should only be washed on the tip.
  • You should keep your nail buffer out of reach of small children.

Thank you for reading the article. Was it helpful? If so, then you should get the best nail buffer to do your nails. Share this widely and don’t forget to leave a reply.

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