7 Secrets to Growing Long and Healthy Nails

Are you looking for reliable ways for growing long and healthy nails? There are so many products and healthy nail care tips guides today that it can be difficult to understand which of them actually work. I’ve been confused about this myself, and today I’ll share with you, my own secret tricks that can help anyone get beautiful nails.

Tip 1: Start to Grow Longer Nails from a Scratch

The first thing you should do if you want to revamp your nails and make them stronger and healthier is to file them off. There is no way to make the currently crumbling, slow-growing nails any better, so just break away with them and start caring for your hands now. Trust me, the fruits of your labor would be worth the sacrifice as you’ll see stronger and healthier nails growing faster.

If you don’t go to a salon to have your nails handled by a professional, be sure to file them right so that you don’t damage them further. Take a suitable tool and file your nails towards the center. Remember that filing back and forth actually weakens the nail. It’ll be slow going at first as you get used to the motions, but you’ll improve with practice.

Tip 2: Choose a Smart Shape

Improving the health and ‘sturdiness’ of your nails is a gradual and lengthy process, so don’t expect to get super-strong nails overnight. Does this mean that you can’t hope to have long and beautiful manicure for months?

Of course not! If you want to grow longer nails you just need to choose a shape that wouldn’t break so easily and be careful when doing everyday tasks. Of course, if the nail itself is still brittle, the risk of breaking it will be there. However, the right shape will reduce it significantly.

The basic nail shapes are:

  • Oval
  • Squoval (Square + Oval)
  • Square
  • Round
  • Almond

Round and square forms are best for shorter nails and they are also the most ‘durable’. Almond is the easiest to break.

Tip 3: Get the Right Nail Growth Tablets

The question ‘How to grow nails faster?’ is usually a precursor to ‘What supplement will make my nails grow faster?’

Yes, nail strengthening pills are needed in order to deal with these issues. Remember that one of the main reasons of brittle nails is poor nutrition. Even a healthy diet may not give you enough elements to ensure every part of your hands is beautiful and strong. This is where nail growth tablets come into play.

There are many types of them today and each is efficient to an extent. You need to choose the right kind for you and in a few weeks of taking the product you’ll see that your nails are not only growing faster but also getting stronger and healthier.

Tip 4: Stop Cutting Cuticles

Whether you groom your hands yourself or go to a salon, make sure to avoid cutting or otherwise damaging cuticles. It’s a piece of advice from professional dermatologists who understand that this sliver of thin skin is actually protecting the nail.

This means that cutting it robs you off that protection. This opens the door to bacteria and can lead to a nasty and dangerous infection.

Pushing cuticles back instead of cutting them is considered safer. However, one still needs to be careful not to cause serious physical damage. With your cuticles intact and offering proper protection, you’ll see your nails getting healthier, so they’ll be stronger and longer.

Tip 5: Treat Your Nails to a Feast

There are a great many of vitamins and minerals for healthy nails, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to supplements only. Various homemade remedies made from the contents of your fridge and pantry can offer great results.

Try soaking your nails in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil if you want to deal with infections and repair damaged nails. You can also make yourself an emergency nail repair treatment by mixing a teaspoon of vitamin E oil with 4-5 drops of tea tree oil. You’ll need to massage the mixture into your nails and cuticles and let the hands dry naturally before removing the remnants of oils with lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment once a week. Vitamins and minerals for healthy nails are important.

Another ingredient that can make your nails grow faster and healthier is apple cider vinegar. It’s incredibly rich in nutrients so its effect is similar to that of specialized vitamins and minerals for healthy nails. The best remedy is to mix equal parts of raw apple cider vinegar with water and soak your hands in the bowl with the mixture for 5-10 minutes. Do this every day for a couple of weeks and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Tip 6: Use High-Quality Nail Products

There are so many nail hardeners and growth products today that you really can’t ignore the benefits they offer. However, some of them are shams, so buy only from trusted brands and follow the product’s directions to the letter.

You also need to understand that the effectiveness of these products largely depends on the reason that makes your nails brittle. If the problem is bad nutrition or some health issues, no amount of top-dollar treatments will help. Natural nail care products are recommended among industry specialists.

Tip 7: Moisturize Anytime and Anywhere

You should always have a small bottle of hand lotion or cream on hand, and don’t forget about using cuticle oil every day. The most important of all healthy nail care tips is to make sure your hands are hydrated at all times. This will protect them from the detrimental effects of the environment and keep them healthy. If your nails are healthy, they will grow strong and fast!

Growing Long and Healthy Nails: The Bottom Line

The most important thing you need to understand if you want to be growing long and healthy nails is that there is no single trick that will give you what you want. To achieve the best results you need to combine supplements, quality manicure, nail care products, and a well-balanced diet.

It’s all about the overall health of nails. As long as they receive enough nutrients, lots of hydration, and careful care, they will be strong. A bit of extra growing speed can come from extra nail growth pills, gels, and homemade remedies.

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