Manicurist Tips to Grow Longer Nails (Natural Nail Care)

Have you been searching for the best tips to grow your nails? Your friends are probably telling you the do's and don'ts to finally getting your nails to a length that you're happy with. In this blog post, I'm going to reveal the secrets to grow longer nails you can be proud of. With natural nail care or by using a product on the market, I'll unlock the secrets to growing your nails the right way!

Grow Longer Nails

You probably already know the ways to avoid chipped, stubby and unhealthy nails, but they're easy to forget. Make a mental note to treat your nails with care across the board. That means when you're working, cleaning, taking care of the kids, cooking, and yes, even washing your hands. You and your nails should look good.

Extra Caution

  • Cleaning or Cooking with a Manicure

Rubber gloves will do the trick and protect against acid, grease, and other substances that could possibly eat away at your nails.​

  • Water

Too much water will weaken your nails, and will more easily tear than when they are dry.​

  • Kids

Of course the kids come first, but taking it easy on activities like arts and crafts will definitely give your nails a chance to grow and strengthen.​

  • Stress

Everyone has it, but not everyone bites their nails. Think of other ways to distract yourself and break the habit. Stress balls are a good idea, especially for long days in this office.​

Boost your Nail Health with Natural Vitamins

Aside from daily activities, nails​ are living and growing, and we need to make sure they are getting the vitamins they deserve.

Biotin is hands down the number one supplement out there. In case you don't know, B7 deficiencies result in splitting and weak nails, so doctors recommend daily biotin doses as a precaution. Since any excess biotin will be urinated out, it's a safe supplement with little to no side effects. You can probably find it in your kitchen too, since Biotin is found in common foods like nuts, bananas, and whole grains.


Best Products to Grow Nails Fast

Strong nails take time and care. These products will set you on the path to achieving long nails.

  • Clippers

Having old or rusting nail clippers could be the reason your nails are looking shabby. Do yourself a favor and order a new set.​

  • Oil and Lotion

Did you know? Nails need to be hydrated and hydrated well! Make sure you are using lotion and oils on your nails regularly.​

  • Base Coat

Think before you paint! Your nails need protection. Consider using a base coat before you load on the polish.​

  • Strengthening Polish

Set yourself an alarm to use this a certain number of days a week, and I bet you will see the difference in no time.​ Use a natural nail polish remover afterwards.


If your nails are not growing, there is probably a reason! Take a step back and make yourself a promise to change three things about your nail care from this moment on to grow longer nails.

Whether it is being more careful with daily activities, picking up Biotin supplements, or investing in some quality nail products, it will be worth the beautiful nails you are sure to have in no time at all.​

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