Best Electric Nail File (Electric Nail File Reviews)

Let me tell you how much I love my electric nail file. I love it a lot. This little machine saves me so much time that I would otherwise waste using a regular nail file and allows me to finish the manicures quicker. I own a Kuba, however, there are other alternatives. The best electric nail file is the one that saves you time and gets you more customers. What you don't want is a product that constantly breaks down.

Let's get into the Electric Nail File Reviews​

An electric nail file is essential if you are tired of going to the salons and want to do more at home. Having one of these allows you to clean up your nails, apply your own acrylic nails, remove them, and take off shellac, gel and nail polish. Your nails will thank you and they will grow longer and stronger.

A good electric nail file is an essential manicure tool for a professional nail technician. However, if it's just a hobby for you and you love playing around with different gels and polishes, it's better to get something that is easy to store, and portable.


Remember to consider the weight of the electric nail file when you purchase it. The cheaper ones are usually heavier because they have a lot more packed into the handle, however, the professional ones come with a separate controller that allows you to work longer and accurate. You may also want to invest in a manicure table. This way you will be organized and have everything looking nice and tidy for your next customer. A nail polish rack helps with all those randomly placed lacquers and gels.

A key feature that your electric nail file should have is a speed control. The rotation or rpm of the file will allow you to work quickly or carefully. Sometimes the nail gets too hot and you want to use a lower rpm, other times, the high speed will quickly finish the job. Be really careful if it's your first time with an electric nail file. You need to learn how to use the electric nail file.

  • If you drop the handle, it's usually fatal for the equipment.

The nail files below are affordable and safe to use at home. I have based the order on their performance, reviews, and personal preference because I have experience with a few. Let's get into the top 3 best electric nail drill machine from each category!

Best Electric Nail File under $50

Zeny Electric Nail Drill

  • Great Starter Pack
  • Pet Friendly (Quiet)
  • Foot Pedal Control

VOGUE Professional

  • Feather-Light Handle
  • Speed Control
  • Slide-In/Out Chuck

PureNails Electric Nail Drill

  • Sapphire-Coated Tips
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Two Speeds

One thing I don't recommend is to go in the price range of under $25. Don't get me wrong, if you're a beginner, a $25 or less electric nail file is definitely something you can use to learn the basics, but if you're going to make the investment, buy something that will last you longer than a month. Also, don't be tricked into buying fake products on eBay. Learn how to spot the fake or rip off products.

Best Electric Nail File for Professionals

Kupa Original Mani-Pro

  • Feather-Light Handle
  • Speed Control
  • Slide-In/Out Chuck

VOGUE Nail Tech Drill

  • Diamond Bits
  • Foot Pedal Switch
  • Cheap Alternative

U-Power Kupa

  • Literally The BEST.
  • Life Time Satisfaction
  • Very Smooth

Most professional electric nail files should be able to run for about 8 hours without a problem. In my honest opinion, Kupas and MediCool are the best nail drill brands available on the market.

If you're wary of buying an efile online, go to your local beauty store and ask them to let you try them out. I highly recommend you buy them online afterwards, the prices are better and you could find extras in the product.

What to Look for in an Electric Nail File

  • Handle Weight
  • Warranty Period
  • Speed Control (Forward and Reverse)
  • Foot Pedal (Usually professional quality)
  • RPM (35,000 RPM is an indicator of a professional level product)
  • Vibrations (Should be none)

The Kupa Original Mani-Pro

I bought this for around $120 a few years ago. Also dropped it once, which is supposedly fatal. All I had to do was tape back the handle and it was good to go. I strongly recommend a KUPA electric nail file, they're the best. If you're not down to spend over $100, go with VOGUE products.


One of the best electric nail file above are great to get any job done, whether it is to take off acrylic nails, gel, shellac or just regular nail polish. They make it easy to work from home and you'll notice that you enjoy doing manicures more. Remember to buy plenty of sanding bands for your electric nail drill. Trust me, you'll need them.

Let me know what kind of electric nail file you use and if you have ever dropped it. What happened next?​

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