Nail Salon Tips (Advice from the other side)

When you're going to nail salons, make sure you remember to look for these 4 things; Fumes, Tool Sterilization, Licenses, and any Unmarked Products. As an experienced nail technician, I know what it's like to be a customer and a service provider, take my nail salon tips to heart and avoid nail polish misinformation!

4 Nail Salon Tips


nail salon tips

Some chemicals used in nail polish products are toxic and have been related to health problems.

The most common one you will come across is acetone as it is used in nail polish remover. Exposure to low concentrations do not cause any big health effects, however, after long periods of exposure, irritations may occur.

Nail salons have done a great job by keeping constant airflow in their workspace.

Salons inside malls are open towards the little "mall streets" to vent outside in order to reduce the concentration of fumes.

By properly ventilating, there are nil health effects on customers and the people walking around. Other salons have windows open or lots of fans running to get that air flow going.​

Regardless, wherever you decide to sit down to get a manicure, make sure the area is properly ventilated.

Take this advice to heart, especially if you are a nail technician yourself. I understand the long hours you may have to work in a day, so take a walk and breathe in some fresh air. You shouldn't have be suffering doing something you enjoy.

Sterilization of Tools

Make sure the salon is not re-using dirty tools. You can tell if you see...

  • Diluted disinfectants
  • Tainted Tools
  • A Dirty Workspace
  • Disposable Tools not being disposed
bring your own manicure kit

If your nail technician uses gloves to do your manicure, you've found a pretty good spot. This reduces the chance of transferring bacteria to the client and vice versa.

If you are uncomfortable having the nail technician use their own tools, bring your own kit and ask the them to use it instead. I personally use this one. Men can have a manicure kit too!

Nail Salon Licenses

You don't have to be a licensed nail technician to do a manicure for your friends or family, however, you do need to have a certificate or diploma if you choose to seek a job in the nail salons.

If you are a customer, check the nail salon walls for their credentials. They usually have certificates hanging around or standing on their desks. Check for business licenses too. If you don't see a business license, get out. This means they don't have a health inspector coming by time to time to check their work area.​

Unmarked Bottles of Products

Real CND Shellac

There are lot of fake products on the market, they are cheap, look similar, but they have terrible effects on your nails.

Since Shellac is the most commonly used fake product, I feel the need to educate you on how real Shellac looks like. An easy way to know if a nail salon uses real shellac is to check for a CND seal of approval on their windows.

These chemicals are dangerous to your nails and will leave them in bad shape. Fake nail polish is not as big of a health concern as shellac.

Generally, you want to avoid any places that have unmarked bottles.​

I appreciate you visiting my blog and education yourself about nail salon safety. Hope you have a great 2016 and remember these 4 nail salon tips!

  1. My wife is looking to go to a new nail salon. I’d hope that she would go to one that has proper ventilation. As you said, the fumes generated aren’t the healthiest for you and should be properly ventilated.

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