Misslyn Nail Polish (A BrokeMyNail Nail Polish Review)

Hi, Girls! I stopped taking expensive nail manicure treatments at Beauty Salons and so far I have used different nail polishes from many brands. Some of them I have already described and you know my opinion. This time will be a Misslyn nail polish review. Most of them were really great and good quality products, but of course, there are always some exceptions. But fortunately, just a few of them weren’t good enough. The most common problems are related to the texture of the nail polish. Too transparent nail polish with 2 coats can’t be good. Or something I really can’t stand – the bubbles.

Misslyn Nail Polish

Now, I am here with new experience and I can't wait to share it with you. This time I have bought 3 new products from Misslyn. I bought nail polishes from this brand for the first time. These products are a little bit more expensive from the products that I usually buy, but I really wanted to try something new.

There were so many different colors and shades. They really have a diversified offer. I also have noticed that many of them have pink or silver shimmer. But I got 3 of them with the matte color. This time I wanted to try some new colors I haven’t used before. So far we have talked about different nude colors and some “girly” colors like pink. This time I tried something totally different. I choose some striking colors which will definitely leave a big impression. So let's start. Check out these colors:

Misslyn 202 – High Heels

Misslyn High Heels Nail Polish 202

Misslyn 909 – Get Dressed

Misslyn Get Dressed Nail Polish 909

Misslyn 151 - Capri

Misslyn Capri Nail Polish 151

Colors: As you can see I chose some pretty unusual colors. This fire red is really great for the summer. This nail polish is named “high heels” and this color works really well in combination with some not every-day clothes for the night out. The grey color looks so dangerous and it is really stunning. And at last, the orange color is my favorite from this set. This color will uplift your mood and it’s specially suitable for the summer. It looks great with a dark hue of the skin. I also use these nail polishes in combination with some other matte colors, and the final look was amazing. Some of the products from the Misslyn have big sparkles and can be used as a top coat on some matte color.

Application process: These nail polishes have such a nice texture. They are smooth and light. The brush is a little bit thinner than I am used to, but regardless, it was easy to use after a few strokes. There were no bubbles or streaks. After two coats, it looked like I have a gel manicure. My nails seem much stronger and harder. I got very good results. When I compare them to my costs, including the time I spent doing my nails, I can say that I am very impressed with these Misslyn nail polish products.

Long-lasting(?): My beautiful nail’s look lasted for about 5 days without chipping. I also tried these nail polishes in 2 coats, in combination with Misslyn Top Coat. Used this way, they looked great even longer. So, I can say that I am satisfied with the quality of these products. These nail polishes are similar to some others I have tried before like Essence Nail Polish and Eveline nail care products. They all have a similar texture, but these products look the most like I have a gel manicure. They also have very nice shine and reflection.

Very consistent: I had the same experience with all 3 colors, which is not the case every time. They all have the same advantages and good quality. So now I am sorry that I couldn’t get more of them. But, these products are available in many stores everywhere and also you can purchase them online.

Price: These products aren’t cheap, but they also aren’t too expensive. So, we can say that they have a decent price. I got the 10 ml bottles. There are enough quantity of these polishes if I want to use them for years.

Recommendations: I would recommend to anyone to get these nail polishes. But, in my opinion this brand isn’t so popular. But it is more popular in Europe than in America. For example, I haven’t heard from anyone about these nail polishes. I just noticed them looking interesting on the shells. But, these nail polishes compared to others with the same price, are great.

Conclusion: Anyone should get at least one of the Misslyn nail polish products. You can choose between many colors and shades, matte, sparkles or shimmer. Good quality products for a decent price. Makes your nails "look" stronger and healthier. I hope that I helped you to make a choice. Share your experience with us!

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