Essence Nail Polish (Gel Nail Polish Products and Glow & Care)

Hi, everyone! I am back with a new experience. We all have a passion for nail polishes and I can't wait to share my opinion with you. So let's start. This time I have tried five new Essence Nail Polish products.

Essence Nail Polish

Essence Nail Polish

As you can see three of them are from the same set and the other two are Essence Gel Nail Polish products. For the beginning let's talk about these three on the left. They are Essence - Glow & Care (with kukui oil). These colors are soft and I chose the colors and shades I usually prefer. This brand has a very diversified offer and it was hard to decide which ones to buy. They have quality cosmetic products for a decent price. So, I wanted to know if I will have the same experience with Essence Nail Polish products. Let's take a look how it looks like on my nails. (I want to remind you that there are two coats of the product on every photo).

Essence Nail Polish Glow & Care

This is a really nice nude color. It is a soft pink. This one has a shimmer but no matter how many times I apply it, it is not noticeable at all. This one is my favorite for this review although the picture doesn't show it well. This is the length of the nails I usually have. I don't like when they are bigger. The color and the shade of this one look perfect on the length and the shape of my nail.

This is also a pink, but it's a more striking color. This color is also nice, and it's for someone who likes so-called "girly-look". I am not one of these but during the summer I like to try as many different colors as I can. During this season I also wear pretty colorful clothes, so it is really interesting when I am matching my nail color with my outfit.

Essence Nail Polish Glow & Care Purple

The darkest color from this set. This is something like purple and it's a really unusual color. I tried this one in combination with this first nude color, and it's amazing. Really adorable. I find that using best nail art brushes for some designs are better with the lighter colors.

All of these have a soft shimmer that gives just a small reflection. It makes the color more interesting. The structure of these nail polishes is also good and it was easy to apply them. They aren't too thick and I haven't had problems with bubbles (Lucky me - I really hate it).

They all dry in a few minutes. I handled them easily with their medium brush. In my opinion, this size of the brush is the best. So nice and smooth that I really enjoyed the process while I was taking care of my nails. What about their quality? Are they long-lasting nail polishes? In my experience, I can tell that they were good for about 4-5 days. After this, I could see some problems on the edges of my nail. Removing wasn't hard process also. At the end, I have to mention that they have a decent price. They aren't the cheapest but they aren't as expensive as many other nail polishes with this quality.

Essence Gel Nail Polish Products

Essence Gel Nail Polish
Essence Gel Nail Polish Yellow

What can I say about these two? Hmm, I chose them because I wanted to try some crazy colors for this summer. These are "Essence the Gel Nail Polishes".

This dark green (85 wild and free) is really nice. It is a great choice if you want to try some darker shades. I really loved how it looks on my nails. This yellow (38 love is in the air) I loved even more. On this photo it looks like this nail polish doesn't have a good coverage but it looked so much better in reality. Their structure was good and application process was easy. I don't know if I am a just happy person or this brand just has a really good quality product. I was satisfied with every product I have chosen. These two are a little bit thicker but not too much. They just make an effect like my nail is thicker and like I am wearing a gel. This type of nail polishes for Essence lasted longer than the first three. A soft shimmer is also great and I loved it.

  • Great Texture
  • Medium Sized Brush
  • Easy Application
  • No Bubbles
  • Fast Drying
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