Summer is coming! (Summer Nail Polish Collections 2017)

Summer! The best time to relax and have some fun. Beach, sea and the sun. That’s the season you have been waiting for the whole year. Now, you can finally take some rest after the tough battle with the everyday’s issues and challenges. You can also find some excitement if you are one of those who can’t be lazy and always search for the new adventures. We all know what is infallible on hot days. Comfortable swimsuit, nice hat and fashionable sunglasses. But, have you already considered, which look you will choose for your nails this summer. Trends are always changing and here we are bringing you the latest summer nail polish collections 2017 so you can be sure that you won’t miss anything new.

Summer Nail Polish Collections 2017

According to Pantone, which announced the colour of the year 2017, you will have to embrace the natural green colour. Butter London is the official Pantone’s beauty partner for this year, and they are preparing to release the collection of nail polish inspired by the trending colour. This product is great for your nails. It contains B, C and E Vitamins and promotes strong healthy natural nails. It also dries quickly and it’s chip resistant. This is high gloss product.

We are lucky because green is complemented by other natural colours. What do you think? Some of you maybe will say that this colour is too striking, but you can use it in combination with other colours like brown, gold or black. This summer most popular techniques will be French with different colours, ombre, striped nails and metallic colours. You have so many possibilities to find the right combination for you. Don’t be afraid to always try something new. Even when you are really satisfied with your look you can be an open minded person and try some other style. Maybe something different will suits you better, you can never know before you try it.

Pantone Butter London Rich Gold Summer Nail Polish Collection 2017

If you are an introvert person, and this colour is too much for you can choose some nude colours. Nude colours are always trendy. During the summer we have the best hue of the skin, and those nude colours match with your dark skin tone the best. Also, these shades look good no matter what shape of nails you choose. You can choose something extravagant like stiletto pointed nails, and that won’t look like overdo if you use these colours. It is also easy to find the great combination with your outfit because it matches literally with anything you wear. There are light and dark shades.

OPI Fiji 2017

Except for this brand, there is also something great for this summer. It is “OPI Fiji 2017 Collection Sneak Peek”. They will be coming to amazon soon.

This collection presents all 12 shades in regular nail polish. There is something for everyone, like pink for Barbie girls, red for self-confident women or even yellow for someone who really wants to stand out. These nail polishes are professional long lasting nail lacquers, up to 11 days, with high shine. You can try them all! Just imagine how many combinations you can have with few of them because you can always use more than one at the same time. Free your creativity and make something outstanding.

These shades are pretty unusual and definitely not boring. Perfect for the crazy summer time!

OPI is also launching “OPI California Dreaming Summer Collection”.

  • D34 This is Not Whine Country
  • D35 GPS I Love You
  • D36 Malibu Pier Pressure
  • D37 To The Mouse House We Go
  • D38 Me, Myself & I
  • D39 Santa Monica Beach Peach
  • D40 Time for a Napa
  • D41 Excuse me, Big Sur!
  • D42 Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia
  • D43 Feeling Frisco
  • D44 Sweet Carmel Sunday
  • D45 Don’t Take Yosemite For Granite

This collection has everything you need for this hot season. It has different shades of red color, pink, nude colors like beige and this amazing dark granite color. These are mat nails polishes. Imagine now the whole picture: Hot sand, sun, warm wind and one of these amazing colors.

When you are making a decision what nail polish to choose you also need to consider a few things first. One of the most important things is how long this nail polish can stay on your nails. I am sure that you can’t remove your nails polish every day. This wouldn’t be good for your nails and this would be so tiresome.

So, you need to find a good long lasting nail polish which won’t disappoint you. Also, it is important what kind of brush do you use. Thick brush is much easier to use, and you can apply nail polish on your nails more precisely. During the hot summer days, you always should take care of your hands.

Your hands must be moisturized. Your skin is important as much as your nails. If you take care of your skin and nails and use the good nail polishes at the same time, then you will have the whole package. Check out these collections, they are pretty diverse, so you can find here many different colors, different shades and the most important thing is that these are quality products.

Find matching make up to complete your look. For example, if you have red nails it’s not the best thing to wear red lipstick, sometimes less is more. Nude color on your lips and smokey eyes will be just fine. Get prepared for the hot summer and have the best time of your life. And remember, if you feel beautiful you will look beautiful. Let me know what summer nail polish collections 2017 you look forward to!

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