OPI LED Lamp (A newer generation of LED Lamps)

Nail beauty industry is totally in love with gel polishes now. Every nail salon or beauty guru has a huge collection of them. But for a perfect manicure, using only gel nail polish won’t be enough. The point is that you need a specific lamp to fix a layer of gel nail polish. Usually, you could see it in the professional salon on manicure tables, but you can easily use it at home. An OPI led lamp is what you need.

What is a Nail Lamp?

As you know, gel nail polish can last up to two weeks without any damage. It happens because of gel nail polish structure and a special instrument for polymerization – nail lamp. Thanks to it, layers of gel nail polish dry very fast and become much stronger than a layer of regular polish.

If you fill in amazon search “nail lamp” you will see that there are a lot of them, some are cheap and others are expensive, some of them have LED and some UV lights. How do we know which one is better? Let’s find out right now.


A UV nail lamp is used to fix all kinds of materials for a manicure (gel polish, acrylic and gel nails extensions). UV lamps are the cheap ones, so they are working on 9W electrical power. That means it can work from a network, as well as from a battery. Due to the small size of a UV nail lamp, the procedure will be long and you will be able to dry only 2-3 nails at the same time. Also, there is no possibility to remove the bottom of the lamp constructions, so it will be difficult to replace burned-out bulbs.

Disadvantages: The UV lamps have a short life stan; they work approximately 250 hours only. Moreover, the bulbs include the mercury, which is dangerous for the human health.

To replace uncomfortable and dangerous UV lamps, I will help you understand the new generation device – LED nail lamp. You can read further about UV vs LED nail lamp on my older post.

There are few differences between UV and LED nail lamps, and the main one is that LED nail lamps have other bulbs. It means that this type of lamp is absolutely safe for the skin. Another advantage of LED nail lamps is a high power of LED light bulbs with low energy consumption. You will be able to dry gel nail polish within 10-30 seconds. Moreover, it is designed for 50,000 hours of work. Now you see, that if you buy LED nail lamp, you will save your time and money. Despite the fact that LED lamp is much more expensive than UV nail lamp.

What OPI LED Lamp should I buy?

As you see, the best choice is to buy a LED lamp. It is more practical in use and it doesn’t pose a threat to health. I tried to use a lot of LED nail lamps, but there is only three of them which I like a lot!

OPI Gel OPI Studio Led Curing Lamp

For me this lamp is unique, I haven’t ever found better than this one. It can dry different types of gel nail polishes, such as bio gels and led-gels. The lamp is equipped with a touch sensor, which activates only when the arm is in the tube, therefore, when the hand is removed, the lamp turns off. And you will be surprised! This lamp has enough space for five fingers and it dries the nail polish within 10-30 seconds.

OPI LED TruView Work Station Lamp

This is a new OPI LED-lamp TruView LED Workstation. I tried it once, and I was fascinated by it. It will be an excellent assistant for you. The lamp determines your skin tones and matches the appropriate shade cover for your nail. With OPI TruView your eyes won’t be tired during the process. You will surely enjoy working with the lamp. It has a lot of professional advantages and it has elegant look and compact design.

OPI Led Lamp False Nails

This is a new generation device among LED nails lamp. It does not require the replacement of bulbs, it has no harmful effects on the skin and polymerizes gel nail polishes in a few seconds. Led energy-saving bulbs of this lamp are designed for more than 50,000 hours of work without bulb replacement (it is approximately 5-6 years of continuous operation).

Inside the lamp, construction is a metallic mirror housing, outside quality plastic, touch screen and the timer button 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds.

Get the best LED light for your nails

Now, you know the difference between UV and LED nail lamps and determine which one will be better for you and your needs. I know that you will enjoy the experience with LED nail lamp, but always remember to follow the instructions of the lamp and your gel manicure will look perfectly and hold on long enough. I know that choosing a nail lamp is a seriously hard decision, sometimes a guide to uv and led lamp for nails helps.

I hope my knowledge of OPI LED nail lamps has been helpful for you. Write in the comment box below, what LED nail lamp you choose, and what you are thinking about UV and LED lights technologies in nail care industry.

Keep your hands safe!

Sincerely, Nathalie

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