Manicure Training Tools (The Essentials to get Good)

Nail technicians are highly trained at their craft. They need to go through an educational program in order to receive a certification. They also need to pass exams that show off what they have learned. There are some training tools that can help a manicurist get better at their craft. The more practice that a new nail technician has the better they will become. Let's look at some essential manicure training tools!

Manicure Training Tools

Manicure Hand Model

Manicure Hand Model Training

This hand model is a great nail art practice model. This fake hand is great for practicing new designs on. This fake hand has all five finger to practice on and is attached to a fake wrist to make it easier to hold. The hand is soft and will feel similar to a real human hand. It can be used to practice acrylic and gel nails. It can even be used to practice wraps. This hand is sturdy yet soft. It is approximately the size of the average female human hand. Nail tips can be applied to the fingernails on this hand so a person can practice the application of these nails as well as the different art they can perform on nails.

Nail Trainer Practice Hand Kit

Nail Trainer Practice Hand Kit

The hand in this nail trainer practice kit is great for practicing a manicure. This hand is not very realistic and but it is about the average size of the female hand. The fingers on the hand are very easy to bend, and you can apply Acrylic and Gel to it. You can practice the application of the nails and then you can practice different styles of manicures. You can definetly work on your French tip skills as well as other popular demand.

Fake Finger

Nail Art Practice Fingers

When a person is looking to practice new nail art design they need a find model to practice on. The Fake Finger Models are great for people look to improve their nail art. There are 5 fingers that come in this set but each of the figures are their own separate model. A person can put tips on the nails and they can practice many different designs. They can practice on each finger to perfect a design. A person can also try 5 different nail art designs and see how they come out. These finger models are reusable and they are easy to practice on. The individual finger models allow a beginner the room they need to move around and paint the nails. These fingers are also portable and they are easy to carry to displace the art. There is adhesive tape at the bottom of each model so they will stay on the table or other surface in a secure manner.

Practice Nail Wheel

Nail Art Acrylic False Fake Tips Display Practice Wheel

When looking to improve nail art skills it is important to practice on nails. The 10 piece Round Nail Art Acrylic False Tips can help a person improve their manicure and nail art skills. Try using Essie Nail Polish, or your favorite one. There are 10 nails in a circle on this practice tool. As a person works on their design on the nails and once they are complete they can spin the nails around and move onto the next one. There are 20 nails on each of the wheels allowing a person plenty of practice. They are the size of actual acrylic nails that will be used in the nail business so they offer great practice.

Practice Hand

Practical Soft Nail Practice Training Hand Tool

The Vketch Practical Soft Nail Practice Training Hand has a flexible holder stand so it can be adjusted as needed. This hand is soft just like the human hand making is great for practice. It is durable enough for daily use and can be rotated in many different ways. The fingers are soft like real fingers and can be bent in the same position that real fingers can. This is great for practicing nail designs and being free with nail art. You can even use nail art stamps on this.

These are some of the best training tools to help a nail manicurist become an expert at their craft. You will get the practice that you need and the chance to allow your creativity to come to life with these manicure training tools.

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