I Broke My Nail, what do I do? (6 Easy Steps to Fix Them)

Long nails are, were, and always will be a fashionable accessory for every woman. It’s not surprising that everyone wants to get a long and elegant shape which represents the elegance and sophistication of the hands. But there is one danger for the hand’s beauty, and it's usually heard like this; "ow, I just broke my nail!"

The biggest worry for the nail’s owner is a broken nail. With the destruction of the nail plate сomes the bad mood and a spoiled manicure. So what to do if you have the situation like this? Broke My Nail has found the best solutions to bring your broken nail back to life.

broke my nail, what do I do

Why do nails break?

To prevent future destruction, you need to understand the reason why your nails are so fragile that they get broken.

Most common reasons why we have fragile nails;

  • Your body has a small amount of the necessary vitamins for its development. To reduce the brittle nails you need to eat more healthy food or take supplements. But firstly you need to take a right prescription for vitamin pills.
  • If your body has enough vitamins and minerals, you should pay attention for another reason - improper hand care. It happens when the hands often contact with water and chemicals like acetone or other hazardous substances. Because of the harmful environment, the nails become thinner over the time. To recover affected nails, it is recommended to use special nail polishes with calcium and hand creams with olive oil.

One should understand that vitamin supplements and healing nail polishes only prevent your nails from destruction. But what to do if you have a broken nail?

So, do you do if "I broke my nail"?

One of the easiest and the most popular procedures to fix a broken nail is to trim the damaged part of the nail. Also, it is important to have the same nail length on every finger because a short nail in combination with nice long shaped nails will not look very good.

Useful to Note

Nail repair procedure is only possible if the nail is not broken for more than ⅓. Moreover, do not expect to receive a long time result. If you repair your nail successfully, it will serve for a few days or so (on condition of careful use).

How to repair a broken nail

For a repairing procedure you need to have following tools:

1. Disinfector. It is designed to remove the oils and dust from the nail plate. This tool can be used on brittle and thin nails. If you don’t have it, you can use alcohol instead of it.

2. Special self-adhesive fabric. You can take silk to repair a broken nail. Although, you can use rough linen, but it is not easy to use.

3. Glue. It will be better to use the glue intended for nails. It has a soft texture which cannot harm the ends of nails. If you use office glue, you will ruin your nails and increase their fragility. If you don’t have special nail glue, you can try to use medical glue.

4. Polishing buff or a nail file. It will be better if you have soft one, otherwise, it will scratch the surface of the nail plate.

5. Powder. It is used for fixing the glue and giving it natural color. Also, face powder will mask the crack.

If you have all these tools, you won’t stress about repairing a broken nail. Each of these components can be bought separately, but you can find a special set for broken nails in the beauty stores. It has all necessary components and it will be useful for fixing nails on a trip or at home.

In general, the repairing procedure takes about 10 minutes or less.

Step by step instructions on how to repair a broken nail

Step #1. After the nail breakage, you should prepare the damaged nail’s part. Its surface should be cleaned with a buff or nail file. The buff movement should be directed from the cuticle to the free edge of the nail.

Before you glue the broken tip, you will need to use disinfector. Do not replace it with the nail polish remover. It has a variety of fragrances and oils, which won’t let the glue to fix the crack.

Step #2. Cut off a piece of self-adhesive fabric. Remove its protective pellicle and stick silk on the nail. Now the important part starts; the self-adhesive fabric should completely cover the crack.

After, drop a little glue onto the nail plate. While it is still wet, you will need to dip the nail into the face powder. Wait until the glue dries and remove the excess powder with a brush or wipe. In the case of necessity, the procedure can be repeated.

Step #3. Once the glue completely dries up, the nail should be polished. This step is the most important, because with the nail file and buff’s help we will give a broken nail a second life. At first, put a little bit of oil on the top of the surface. It will serve to strengthen brittle nails. After that immediately start polishing with the buff.

The last procedure will be masking cracked nail with the nail polish. Apply two coats of any color you want and fix it with the top coat. Check out my other post about growing long and healthy nails.

Now you know what to do if you broke your nail. But remember, if the nail has serious damage that can not be corrected by simple fabric patches, you should ask for professional help.

Have you ever tried to fix your broken nail at home? What methods have you used? Let me know in the comment box below, I would like to know more useful tips from you.

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