Holographic Nail Polish (Something Shiny for the Holidays)

Holographic nail polish has won the title of the best new product in the manicure world. A few years ago, this product appeared in the beauty market and only a few brands could submit it. Luckily, nowadays, holographic nail polishes can be found in every collection of different famous nail polish brands, such as ILNP, Layla, Julep, and others.

Holographic nail polish has a shiny and iridescent texture. You’ll be happy to know that the process of creating a holographic manicure won’t take a lot of time. Moreover, you don’t need special skills to get this shiny and trendy manicure. That’s why it won the hearts of all fashionistas.

The futures of holographic nail polishes

All nail polishes have features that distinguish them from other nail lacquers. Holographic nail polish has a few interesting differences which you will like.

For creating holographic nail polish, two nail polishes of different colors and structure are used. So when it has been applied to the nails it gets a brand new shade. With this feature you can create a bright and unique manicure.

Moreover, holographic nail polish can change its shade; it depends on the light. For example, blue holographic nail polish can be changed into the green and then into the turquoise color; raspberry color can be changed into the pink and then into the pale pink. Holographic nail polishes have a varied palette, so every girl can find the shade that she is looking for.

High-quality holographic nail polishes are easy to apply; they don’t have stretch structure and dry quickly. Also, holographic nail polishes have a high resistance to water and can be removed with simple nail polish remover.

If you want to have high-quality nail polish, it’s important to choose it carefully. Be sure to pay attention to the expire date and brand name. Unfortunately, not all holographic nail polishes are made with quality ingredients.

A big plus of holographic nail polishes is that you can create different drawings. The effect is majestic. If you haven’t had time to do a research about the brands, you can read the information about one of the best nail polishes brands which you can buy below.

ILNP Holographic Nail Polish


American brand I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) creates one of the brightest and high-quality holographic nail polishes. The lacquers have intense holographic sparkle, but they are created without glitter pieces. It means that the manicure will be bright and shiny and it won’t take a lot of time and effort to remove it.

ILNP has a huge palette with holographic nail polishes. You’ll find the perfect shade for the party night as well as for everyday manicure. Speaking of parties,don’t forget that Christmas holidays are very soon. So if you want to have a flawless look, you can choose one of these holiday colors from the latest palette:

ILNP Juliette


Gold sparkles will give you a special holiday feeling.

ILNP Cherry Luxe


The red color is an essential during winter holidays.



This one will look like snowflakes on your nails.

ILNP Birefringence (H)


6 shades in one bottle. True magic.

Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish


Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish is made with high-quality materials which create incredibly shiny nails with 3D effect. Layla’s nail lacquers have great structure, they don’t crack or bubble during the process. Moreover, these nail polishes dry very fast.

Italian brand Layla, unfortunately, doesn’t have a big shades palette of holographic lacquers. But you’ll find interesting these two shades for Christmas season:

Layla Mercury Twilight


Snowy Christmas morning.

Layla Misty Blush Purple


Magical shade for the magical holiday.

Julep Color Treat Liquid Holographic Nail Polish


Julep Nail Polishes creates nail polishes which you want. First of all, this company makes 5-free lacquers (without formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor) which have stunning appearance on your nails.

Unlike other nail polishes, Julep is much more long lasting. Also, the layers dry very quickly.

Speaking of the colors, I’ll suggest you Julep Gemstone Collection 2016 with 12 Piece Nail Set. You’ll find a lot of beautiful shades which will be perfect for Christmas holiday and New Year’s eve.


All the brands mentioned above create high-quality vegan holographic nail polishes. You’ll be positively impressed with manicure process. But to get professional results, it’s better to know the technique of applying holographic nail polishes.

Techniques for creating a Holographic Manicure

First of all, you need to prepare manicure tools for the manicure process. To create perfect holographic manicure we need holographic nail polish, base coat, top coat, and hand cream.

1) At first, you need to take care of your hands and nails. Create perfect nail shape with crystal-glass nail file. Clean the nail plate with nail polish remover.

2) To align the nail plate, use a base coat for the manicure. If you skip this step your manicure won’t be smooth. Moreover, the holographic nail polish will highlight all nail’s imperfection without the base. I used Aora Base Gel from my Mirror Powder Nails Kit.


3) Cover the nails with holographic nail polish. It’s better to start with the little finger. So you won’t spoil the painted nails. When the first coat has dried up, begin to apply the second one.

4) When the second layer is dry, you can apply a top coat. Be sure to wait until the nail polish has dried, or manicure will be spoiled.

5) The final step, apply hand cream to moisturize cuticles and skin.

The range of holographic nail polishes is great. Every fashionista will be able to choose not only the desired shade but also a suitable structure.

I wonder, have you used holographic nail polishes before? If yes, tell me what brand you use and why?

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