Golden Rose Nail Polish Review (Guest Post)

I have tried so many different nail polish brands and some of them were really great. Of course, some of them brought me nothing but disappointment. A few days ago one of my friends suggested to me to try something new. She said that she was very satisfied with these nail polishes. So, I have decided to try some of the Golden Rose nail polishes, and share my experience with you. This will be my Golden Rose Nail Polish Review.

Golden Rose

​One of the most amazing things I have found out is that the price is really low. When you compare this price to other products you see that you can save a lot of money. But, on the other hand, this can mean that the quality isn't so good.

Golden Rose Nail Polish Review

I wanted to find out, to be sure. There were so many different shades. They had a really diversified offer. I decided to buy some nude and brown shades. I am going to present you five shades with numbers 70-74. You can see these products on the picture above. I thought that these shades are perfect for the summer. This nude colors really suits the dark hue of the skin and some colorful bikini. So, let's try them out!

Golden Rose Orange, #70

Golden Rose Nail Polish Review

The first thing I want to check out when I try a new nail polish is their structure. Some of them are so thick and it's hard to apply them. But luckily this one was great. It was so smooth and application process was easy. The brush was also designed the best way it's possible. Not too small and not too big. The first test accorded to application process was passed. I need to emphasise that I always used two coats of the nail polish. I always do so, that’s the case with these pictures too. This was a really interesting matte color. In this collection, this was my second favorite. I am going to use this one in the future for sure.

Golden Rose White, #71

Golden Rose Nail Polish White

The second one I used was this White Color (Number 71). It also has a soft golden shimmer, even do you can’t see it on the picture. But you can see that this one was different from the first one. It looks like I didn't apply enough nail polish, but I also used it in two coats. It looks like this one hasn't the same structure. At some parts of the nail, you can see my nail bed. It is transparent and wan. This nail polish wasn't thick and it was harder apply it. With this one, I was disappointed. Perhaps I'll use press on nails instead. Maybe it would be better if I applied third coat but that would be too much. This product just wasn't good enough. This white color maybe would be good for a homemade French manicure in a combination with some other nail polishes.

Golden Rose Brown, #72

Golden Rose Nail Polish Dark Brown

The dark Brown Color. This one matte nail polish was my favorite from this collection. I really loved this color. It was easy to apply it, two coats were enough and it looked professional. I got the great look in a few minutes and for a decent price. If you decide to try this one you won't regret. I am using it all the time and I am really satisfied with it. A few people even thought that I had a gel manicure in the salon. But I didn't spend so much money and time to get this great look. It is also a long lasting product and it looked the same for 5-6 days. Then I just applied the third coat and fixed it all.

Golden Rose Light Brown, #73

Golden Rose Nail Polish Light

This one was Light Brown with golden shimmer. Nice applying and thick enough. Usually, I don’t prefer nail polishes with shimmer, but this one looks so natural and discrete, that I didn’t mind it wasn’t matte. This shade can look great with different outfits. It is good in combination with some casual outfits, but it is also great for a professional look. I honestly liked this one.

Golden Rose Dark Brown, #74

Golden Rose Nail Polish Dark

And finally, we came to the last one, but not the less important. This is the Darkest Brown Color from this collection. It also has a golden shimmer but that isn’t so obvious. I was so excited about this one. It is very interesting an unusual shade of brown color.

So let’s make a conclusion. I didn’t regret buying these nail polishes. They are interesting and they have good quality for a decent price. Just one of them wasn’t good enough. That is the white nail polish #71 . The others were so smooth and the application was nice. I didn’t have any problems with applying them on my nails. All of them were very resistant and they all lasted for more than 5 days. I got them in the store, but if you are ordering them online maybe you won’t see that they have small sparkles or a soft shimmer. You can’t notice it on the pictures. But the shimmer isn’t striking. It is really discrete. In my opinion, it just makes these colors more interesting. This isn't the best gel nail polish brand mainly because it isn't gel. However, it's pretty good for just a regular lacquer.

I really love this collection and I am going to try another 5 soon. It’s really hard to choose between so many interesting colors and shades. But it’s important to go step by step. I just can’t wait to get them all. Hope you liked my Golden Rose nail polish review! Let me know what you thought if you have tried them before.



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