Gellen Nail Polish Review (Choices from over 300 Colors!)

After years of having a manicure in the expensive beauty Salons, I have finally decided to do my own nails. I started doing my nails manicure a year ago and I must confess that I am a pretty satisfied with the change. Costs are much lower but the result is still fine, and the most important thing is that I can’t wait to try something new. This became my hobby and I really enjoy while I am creating a new look on my nails. I will talk more about a recent brand I tried in this Gellen Nail Polish Review.

There are no limits when you are your own expert. But if you want to get a great look you need to find the right nail polishes. This part was always important for me. If this phase of the job isn’t done properly, next one has a small chance to be done well. This is how it looks like. I check online the reviews and blogs about some new products, and if I think that this could be the right product for me I purchase it. Of course, I always consider the price. A few weeks ago, while I was checking the news,

Gellen Nail Polish Review

Gellen Base Coat Top Coat Review

I ran into the one brand which seemed interesting to me. That is Gellen Nail Polish, which has so many different nail polish sets. This brand has a diversified offer, so everyone can find something that will suit him. All of these products can be found and Amazon. You can choose between different types of nail polishes like temperature color changing gel polishes, six colors set with base and top coats, pastel and holographic colors and many others. These products mostly have great reviews. When I saw this I really had to by one set and try it, so I did.

One offer seems interesting to me. You can pick any 6 colors from the 300 colors available. But at the last minute, I have changed my mind and I ordered: Gellen Holographic Color Series “Eternal Beauty”. This is 6 pieces set, 10 ml each. Now I want to share my experience with you. The first thing I have noticed is that these nail polishes came well-packed in a cube packaging. I was really excited when I finally get them to see how they look and try them. I need to emphasise that these colors are a little bit different from the colors I saw in the picture on the site. I expected to get colors with shimmer but five of them actually have sparkles. But I still like these colors.

Gellen Nail Polish Review Colors

They are beautiful, so this wasn’t the problem for me. In this set first colors was pink and it has small silver sparkles. It was unusual interesting color. The second and the fourth were red, but they came in two different shades. They also had sparkles. I liked better the darker shade. Third polish was kind of purple with silver sparkles. I am not so familiar with this color but it still was ok. The last two which I haven’t mentioned yet were my favorite. They were blue and copper-brown color. Oh my God, this blue shade really deserves to be famous. I am not sure is my opinion to subjective but I really saw something special in this one. I couldn’t wait to apply this color and get my nails look stunning and fabulous. This copper-brown color was also pretty unusual. It was different from the other four because it didn’t have sparkles. It only had a nice, soft shimmer.

This is how I thought they will all look like because I didn’t notice the sparkles on the picture. When I checked colors and shades I was pleased because I always like better some unusual colors and shades than regular ones. That’s the way how can I express my creativity, and make something amazing. The first test was passed. Colors were great. The other thing I really don’t like about nail polishes is when they are thick and hard to apply. Luckily, these products weren’t one of these. They were so smooth and the application was nice. I really didn’t have any problem with applying them on my nails.

In my opinion, the first coat wasn’t enough because they looked some kind of transparent and wan. But with the second coat this became a different story. I got beautiful and constant colors. This also wasn’t any trouble because I always apply my nail polishes in two coats. I do that for a different reason. When I leave only one coat it looks like there is not enough colors and I don’t like it so much. With two coats the polish looks great on my nails and stays there for a long time. But this is just my opinion. One thing about nail polishes that I have struggled with was also bubbles when I was applying my nail polish.

Gellen Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish

This is such a terrible thing that can ruin the whole process. But these nail polishes didn’t have bubbles at all. I was so happy about it. My conclusion is that these Gellen nail polishes have good quality. They have met all the requirements I had. Good quality for the decent price is always the best combination. I will try another set from this brand because I didn’t regret this purchase.

Next time I will probably try some pastel colors without sparkles. I think that they will be great. So, this is my experience with Gellen, and hopefully this Gellen Nail Polish Review will ease your mind before you buy this brand and that you will have the same opinion about it. But one thing is sure. You can never know that until you try them on your own.

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  1. I am surprised that this product works. My nails were terrible and with this gel, my nails are looking so much better. The nails are stronger and the gel is staying on my nails for a couple weeks.

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