Best Nail Polish for Runners (Safe against sweat and the sun!)

Summer is coming soon! These days we all are thinking about some things we haven't thought about for the last few months. What is the first thing you think about when I say "Summer"? Sea, beach and hot weather? We need to be prepared for the bikinis and and figure out what the best nail polish for runners is!

The best way to do be prepared for that bikini is to become more active. Do some cardio workouts like running. Open your lungs, find a nice trail in the nature and go! Now we can finally leave the house without putting on layers and layers of clothes on ourselves.

But what about ladies who pay a lot of attention to their outfit, hair or nails style, no matter what season is? Will they take a risk and choose running, over the nice and fashionable style on their nails? Who says that they have to choose? They can have the both!

During this cardio workout, we are exposed to so many things that can ruin our nail polish. Sun, heat, moisture or mechanical damage during the workout can have an influence on our nail's look. That is something we have to face with if we are spending more time outside.

We want to see the difference on our body shape and get fit, but we don't want to risk our nice manicure. If we don't choose the right nail polish product, time spent on the nail treatment can be useless. I am sure that you have experienced something like this.

You had a great workout a few times, but when you saw what happened to your nails, you were disappointed. So, what do we really need to make our nails stronger when we go outside. We have considered the issues we need to pay attention to, and now we have to bring up what characteristics the best nail polish for runners products should have, to help us to deal with these issues.

We have to use a long-lasting products with good quality. Also, it should be resistant to water, so if we get wet or sweaty that shouldn’t be a problem for our nail style. I have tried one product which really works for me in these situations.

Best Nail Polish for Runners

This is “CND Shellac” nail polish. I have to admit that at first I was a skeptic because I didn’t really believe that this nail polish can last for 15 days.

best nail polish for runners

First I applied the base coat, then two coats of this nail polish and then the top coat which really made this color softer and made it really shiny. Between these coats it dries with a UV lamp. That makes this applying faster and you don’t have to wait for the nails to dry naturally.

These nail polishes have a diversified offer and you can choose between many different colors and shades. I chose the “fire red” color and it looked great and professional. At that point, I was satisfied, but I didn’t know for how long it will look great. So I tested it. I go running 3 times a week and 2 times a week to the gym. I was stuck to my routine and just waited to see when will I notice that my nails were damaged.

After 7 days it looked the same.

It was resistant to water, sun, peeling and breaking. I remember that I spent the whole day in nature. I was running beside the river and taking a walk through the woods. But nothing happened to my nails. It was great. After 10 days I could notice that my nail has grown but the nail polish still was shiny and without any ruptures.

I noticed the small changes at the edge after 2 weeks.

This nail polish doesn’t damage your nail bed and you can use it all over again and again. It is also easy to remove it without damaging. It takes 10 minutes to remove with special dissolution process, without mechanical treatment.

Sometimes I use Avon Metallics Effects Nail Varnish – Jade Reflection. These nail polishes have a special shine and it really looks great at night. I was so happy when I saw for the first time. It has a really unusual look. It was the great thing for me because I really wanted to try something new. It is the best combination with your jogging suit if you are one of those who are too shy to run during the day. I must admit that I sometimes have these phases and these nail polishes were really great for me.

I gave you some tips how to look great while you are jogging. I spend a lot of time because I had to try so many different products before I got the right one. Of course, this is not the only one product that will work for you in these situations but it is the one that won’t let you down for sure.

Now it’s the right time for you to start to live a healthier life. You can’t find any more excuses. Go jogging, become healthier, you don’t have to worry about your nails. They will be protected if you use the right products. Take care of your body just like you are taking care of your nails. You can have it all. But it is all up to you. Work hard and the results will be great!

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