Best Glue for Press on Nails (Also Nail Glue Questions Answered!)

I have a weird way of writing my ultimate guide posts. First I put it out, then I realize that there's so much more than needs to be talked about! I'm going to dig deeper into the best glue for press on nails. More blog posts will follow regarding other topics related to press on nails.

Alright, let's get into this. Personally, I use CND Gelbond, however, it is only available in Beauty Stores and you need certification to shop at those. The below are alternatives that I find acceptable.

Best Glue for Press on Nails

Big Bondini Hypo-Allergenic Nail Glue

non toxic nail glue big bondini
  • Non toxic Nail Glue
  • Victoria's Secret Brand
  • Best Press on Nails Glue

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue

Young Nails Protein Bond best nail glue
  • Small Drip Bottle
  • Best nail glue for Acrylic Nails
  • Seats in 3 seconds

Which nail glue is the stronger?

​It depends what you mean by stronger. If your nail glue keeps your press on nails on for about 7 days, there's absolutely no problem. Removing press on nails after 7 days is key to continuing to have healthy nails.

​Why is my nail glue hard?

Well, there are two reasons; improper storage or it was left open for too long. What you can do is use something sharp like a need to poke it through or just cut the plastic bit off until you get to the good glue, or squeeze really hard.

However, if you're unable to twist open the nail glue bottle, use pliers. I forget to clean my bottle cap and have to do this all the time. Make sure you wipe your bottle head next time your glue bottle to prevent it from being very nasty to open.

No pliers? Soak the bottle in hot water. It should unglue the glue. Haha. :P​

If none of the above remedies worked for you and you just bought the nail glue, return it or get an exchange.

When you store your nail glue, clean the bottle cap, and store it in a dry and cool place. Temperature variations cause chemical reactions and dry out or harden the glue.

Where to apply nail glue?

Only use it on your nails. Either your natural nails or nails covered with a nail strengthener.

Why won't my nail glue stick?

When applying press on nails to a natural nail, you want to make sure that there is as little movement as possible during the pressing process. Hold it for 10-15 seconds and see what happens.

If you used shine, you may need to remove it. Glue is usually best put on a rough nail, so file it and try again. Smooth nails don't keep the glue on as well.​ If you have oily nails, wipe them.

Nail shape is another factor. If there is very little contact between the press on nail and the natural nail, you will be in trouble. This isn't a growing out your nail problem, more of a nail arch issue.​

Apply nail glue to a dry nail and your press on nail will stay on longer.​

Why does nail glue burn?

Most nail adhesives can actually burn through clothes and burn your skin. This is the reason why it comes in a tightly sealed bottle with a brush or a drip. Please be careful because sometimes this can happen! Warning, graphic picture.

I highly recommend you remove the press on nails after 7 days. Having glue on your natural nail for too long will damage them, and if you have weak and thin nails, you are at risk of getting fungus under them.

What you can do to is apply a nail strengthener and then apply the glue. This will protect your natural nail.

Where to get or buy nail glue?

A nearby Wal-mart or target will have what you need. However, if you feel like you want something that's well known and not a generic brand, check out amazon.

Are nail glue and superglue the same?

They do not have the same ingredients and I wouldn't recommend to use superglue. Follow the proper press on nail removal process here.

There's no real reason to be using superglue, not even if you have no nail glue in a nearby store. Get it on online and sit tight.

Best Glue for Press on Nails Price

All the best press on nail glue is cheap. The most expensive are around $10. If you find something that costs more, comment below. I want to see 🙂

More Nail Glue FAQ

What nail glue is the best?

Well, I use CND Gelbond. However, Big Bondini is solid and it is my go-to alternative nail glue.

What nail glue is non toxic?

Mentioned above, Big Bondini by Victoria's Secret.​

Press on Nails without Glue?

If you want to stick on nails with no glue, imPRESS has a line of sticker nails. Other sticker nails work too.​

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  1. There is a difference between superglue. and nail glue- is safe for skin and its break down with water moisture.
    Superglue is not safe for skin and breaks down with water..also the ingredients are not the same as main ingredients differ 1 is methyl.. the other is ethyl.. something. idk
    I was just looking for a good nail glue that holds up better against water (lots of hand washing

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