The Best Gel Nail Polish Kit (You Don’t Need Salon Services to Get a Perfect Mani)

What are some things that can spoil your perfect look? Perhaps torn pantyhose or maybe chipped nails? Of course you can't anything with the first issue, but you can easily eliminate problem number two! If you wish for your hands to always look perfect, you should utilize high quality gel nail polish. Here you have two simple options: visit a nail salon twice a month or do the manicure at home. But please, don’t hurry to choose first variant, because every girl can easily paint nails by herself with the help of professional best gel nail polish kit. Keep in mind that you have a chance to save your time and money, and also enjoy the process of creating your own design.

If you have never painted your nails with gel polish, then I am happy to guide you. Half of your success is choosing the best gel nail polish kit. In order to save you time on reading thousands of product descriptions and customers’ reviews, we offer you to look through these 5 bestsellers:

Gelish Pro Kit, Gelish Harmony Complete Starter, Gelaze Necessities Kit Professional, Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Starter Kit, Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit.

These products belong to different price segments, so you can choose the best one, which will meet your budget!

What is a difference between all these best gel nail polish kits?

  • First of all every kit includes different elements: it can be with or without lamp and accessories (cuticle stick, buffer etc.). Moreover, consumables such as cleanse and gels are represented in different volumes and quantities. Number of shades of the gel nail polishes is also limited! So, it is up to you – choose one gel nail polish kit, which includes all stuff you need for perfect DIY manicure.
  • Quality of LED light varies a lot! Capacity of the lamp is much higher in more expensive kits, thus LED light from the Pro series cures gel nail polish faster and better. Moreover, gel lamps with auto-timer are more comfortable in usage, because you do not need to use any other gadgets to track the time.
  • Country of origin plays an important role. It is not a secret that products, which are made in USA, usually are better in quality than cheap goods from China.

Best Gel Nail Polish Kit

1. Gelish Pro Kit

Gelish Pro Kit Best Gel Nail Polish Kit

If you always try to choose the best for yourself, take look at this gel nail polish kit. As you see from the product name, it is a Pro kit, which means it can be used by professionals. This top quality product will help you to create a perfect mani in the easiest way possible.

Reasons to buy​;

  • Powerful LED lamp, which fit all your hand. Due to the fact that lamp is the most important tool of the kit, you should choose the best one! High quality lamp makes curing process fast and simple, and, as a result, your nails look tidy and elegant during two or three weeks. Read the manual and follow simple instructions written on the box: you should always dry your nails during time recommended by gel nail polish kit’s producer.
  • Specifically designed finger-stopper is another great solution for perfect mani! It guides your hand for accurate placement under the lamp! Just proper position of your fingers under the light can guarantee the great result. For this reason, the finger-stopper is a must have, especially for DIY users.
  • High quality of all components. This kit is professional one, so it can be used in beauty salons. Lamp is rather powerful and durable, so it can be utilized everyday. Professional products are always better than any other similar goods, which are available in the market, so it is a great idea to choose Gelish Pro Kit.
  • It includes everything to start: so, you can design your mani as soon as you get this best gel nail polish kit! It is so comfortable to make a purchase and receive all items in one package. There is no need in spending time on searching the perfect combination of gels, cleanses and other stuff in the Internet, when you can buy professionally chosen kit.

Reasons to consider other or similar products;

  • Small volumes of consumables. Gelish Pro Kit includes everything you need, however in small quantities: bottles of the nail polishes and gels are rather tiny and contain only 9 ml. In this case, you should be ready to spend money on foundation gel or cleanse in a few months. Actually, such amount of consumables is normal for gel nail polish kits, but you should understand that buying expensive Pro kit you will get as much consumables as are available in much cheaper kits!
  • Higher-than-average price. We ensure that you will like this get nail polish kit, because quality of all its components is really impressive. However, if you are a newbie at gel nail painting and not ready to spend a lot for a first time, then you should look through other products below.

2. Gelish Harmony Complete Starter

Gelish Harmony Complete Starter Best Gel Nail Polish Kits

Gelish brand is rather popular between professionals and ordinary DIY users. You can try this product, if you are looking for not professional, but high quality gel nail polish kit. In general, Harmony Complete Starter Kit differs from Pro Kit because of less powerful light. But Harmony Complete Starter offers a better set of gel nail polishes, which currently includes 5 mind-blowing trendy colors.

What will you get?​

  • 1-45 LED Gel Light
  • 5 Gelish Gel Polishes
  • Nail Surface Cleanse
  • Artificial Nail Remover
  • Foundation Gel
  • Top It Off Gel
  • pH Bond Gel
  • Nourish Gel
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Prep Tabs

Reasons to buy​;

  • LED drying lamp for 4 fingers. You will complete your mani really fast: just spend 30 seconds to do 4 fingers from each hand and then the 2 thumbs together. So now you can calculate how fast you can do bright many without leaving your home!
  • Very easy to use. According to the buyers opinions it is easier to apply this gel varnish than any traditional polish, because it is thicker and you can control the process better. Are you newbie in DIY mani at home? You must try this gel nail polish to practice your skills!
  • Trendy colors. Gelish brand has just replaced 2 basic colors with 5 new amazing colors! They are so bright and beautiful, you will fall in love with all of them! These new shades were chosen in correspondence with the latest trends, which currently exist in fashion industry, so be sure that your nails will look stylish. In any case it is very cool to have five variants to use: from sparkling pink to forest green.
  • Polish soaks off easily. Sometimes girls do not want to paint their nails because varnish removal process is rather disheartening. But Gelish Harmony Complete Startet totally eliminates this issue, so you can “clean” your nails without any efforts. According to the customers’ reviews it takes 5-7 minutes to soak off all ten nails. It’s not that long, is it?
  • The same quantity of consumables as in more expensive kits. Gelish nail polishes along with foundations and removers are famous for their good quality. Fortunately, today they are available not only in professional series, but also in affordable Harmony Complete Starter Kit.

Reasons to consider other or similar products;

  • LED lamp is good, but not perfect. This lamp works pretty well; however, if you have ever used professional device, then you will see a difference. If you are looking for the best gel nail polish kit for professional usage, than you should choose another option.
  • You can find something cheaper. This gel nail polish kit is affordable, but not the cheapest one. So if your budget is low, you can consider few other products.

3. Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Starter Kit

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Starter Kit

This product represents a medium-price segment. Thus, it is a smart decision to buy it: you will keep your wallet thick and get amazing DIY mani. Portable LED light is a great advantage of this set! You can do your money at home, at office or at hotel – your manicure will look perfectly forever!

What will you get?​

  • Portable LED Light
  • Red Nail Gel Polish
  • Prep
  • Artificial Nail Remover
  • Structure Gel
  • Brilliance Gel
  • Purify Liquid
  • Erase Liquid
  • Instruction Brochure

Reasons to buy​;

  • Reliable LED lamp. According to the customers’ reviews, this affordable gel nail polish kit is durable and work flawlessly during years. Portable plug-in and battery-operated LED light is easy to use at home or anywhere you go. LED light from this kit is very compact in size, so you can take it in trip without any doubts. This lamp won’t take a lot of space in your baggage, thus your mani will be perfect every day of your vacation.
  • Made in USA. American manufacturer strictly control production process in order to ensure the highest quality of every kit. As a result, you can expect a high durability of your gel nail polish: no smudges or chips during 2 weeks or longer. Promises of high quality mani without chipping or peeling are proved by hundreds positive customers reviews.
  • Erase liquid is really good. Of course it is important to make perfect gel manicure, but never forget about the fact that after 2-3 weeks you will need to remove the gel from your nails! Not all gel nail polish removers work well and sometimes it is rather difficult to make your nails “naked” again. Erase liquid by Red Carpet is known as one of the best gel nail polish remover in the market, which can clean the gel of any brand very fast and easy.
  • Instruction brochure is very clear. With easy words and pictures producer demonstrates how to ensure that you do your gel mani in a proper way. Follow directions and you will be satisfied with results.

Reasons to consider other or similar products;

  • Just one red nail polish in a set. Thus, if you dislike this color, or if you like diversity in manicure, then you should spend money on additional nail polishes. A wide range of shades are offered by Red Carpet in the market.
  • Confusing names of the kit’s components. In contrast to all popular kits of other brands, components of the Red Carpet kit use its own exclusive, not standard names of the gel and liquids. For example Foundation gel is called “Structure” and Top It Off gel is called “Brilliance”. Of course naming of the products cannot be considered as a disadvantage, but still it can confuse newbie gel varnish users.

4. Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit

Do you like mirror shine manicures? This starter kit guarantees rather bright and brilliant colors. You can also find Sally Hansen kits at your local store, to avoid shipping costs.

What will you get?​

  • LED Light with Auto-Timer
  • Base Coat (4 mL)
  • Color (Choice of 3 Shades)
  • Top Coat
  • Remover
  • Cleanser Pads
  • Cuticle Stick, Buffer and Alcohol

Reasons to buy​;

  • Low-cost professional product. It is a great surprise how such a cheap product can work well! Your nails will dry really fast and you will have perfect manicure during 14 days. Quality professional consumables will not harm your nails, so you must try! We are sure that you will see great difference between professional and ordinary product kits, so do not hesitate to try the best product for this price.
  • Auto-timer is an extremely useful feature of the LED gel light. If you have ever tried gel nail polishing in salon or at home, then you know how important is tracking the time during the gel curing process. Auto-timer will let you know when gel is already dried, so you do not need to use watches, timers or mobile phone applications – everything is pretty easy with this amazing Shell We Dance? Kit. Another great news is that you can use this LED light with gel nail polishes of any brand!
  • Mirror shine. If you like gel nail polishes because of they ideal mirror shine, then this Sally Hansen product is the best option for you. The surface of the nail remains smooth, shiny and without chips for a long time, so you should remake your mani just two times per month.

Reasons to consider other or similar products;

  • Extremely small quantity of the consumables. Bottles of base and top coats contain only 4 ml of gel, so they will end very soon! Be ready to spend more money on gels in the nearest future. However, the volume of remover is standard 60 ml, so it will last longer. The manufacturer promises that Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit will allow you to make up to 10 salon gel manicures at home.
  • Lamp is rather weak. Despite this kit belongs to the Pro series, capacity of the LED light is not really high. In order to resolve this small issue you can spend more money on expensive gel nail polishes to get a great result. Or you can always choose more expensive kit with better lamp.

5. Gelaze Necessities Kit Professional

Gelaze Necessities Kit Professional

Have you been looking for the cheapest, but still effective gel nail polish kit? You have found it! This Chinese brand is ready to surprise you with high quality nail gel varnishes!

What will you get?​

    • Nail Surface Cleanse (59.1 ml)
    • Nail Remover (59.1 ml)
    • Gel-n-Base in One Ruby Pumps (14ml)
    • Gel Top Coat (14ml)
    • Cuticle Pusher,
    • Orangewood Stick
    • Nail File
    • Nail Cleansig Wipes (40 pc)
    • Removal Foil Wraps (30 pc)
    • Instruction Booklet

Reasons to buy​;

  • Great value of money. Price is extremely low, but quality is amazing. There is no doubt that you can afford it. If you are wondering whether you will like DIY manicure at home or not, you can choose Gelaze Necessities Kit Professional and test your nails painting skills. Most of girls, who have tried this kit before, are totally happy and satisfied, so you should rely on their positive experience.
  • 49 colors in collection. If you adore experimenting with shades and colors, then you will fall in love with Gelaze products. All colors are trendy and gel nail polish range updates regularly, so your hands will always look stylish. Which color do you want to choose today: classic red, delicate pink or bold blue? Try new shades and be different everytime – it is a great way to attract attention to your bright multifaceted personality!
  • New product in the market. It means that producer set a lower price for a product with an adequate quality in order to attract customers’ attention. So, both: your nails and pocket can be benefited! If you are so called “pioneer” in testing new products of the beauty market, then you must purchase Gelaze Necessities Kit Professional.
  • Instruction booklet is so easy to understand. The point is that it is extremely important to follow all rules of gel nail polishing in order to get great mani, which you expect. Gelaze offers you very clear directions, so after reading the booklet, you will not face any problems. Instructions will be extremely useful for beginners, who decided to make a DIY gel nail polishing at home at first time.

Reasons to consider other or similar products;

  • Lack of trust to new products. If you are a person who always buys only time-tested goods or if you are ready to spend few bucks more, check the gel nail polish kits with higher reputation and price.
  • There is no LED light in the kit! This set includes consumables to do the mani, but the most expensive element of all previous gel nail polish kits - LED light is absent. Thus, you must be ready to buy it separately. You can find a good affordable Gelaze lamp online.

As you see from our review, you can find a good gel nail polish kit for any budget. You can purchase the cheapest product, if you want to check how a DIY at-home manicure works, or buy great professional tools if you want a result just like at your favorite salon.

It is up to you to decide whether you need a LED light with the highest or regular capacity, with auto-timer or without it. Also you should think if you prefer gel nail polish of one color or maybe you would like to purchase a kit with a set of 5 trendy shades. Are you going to make mani every two weeks or maybe you will do it just for special occasions. The best gel nail varnish kits contain different quantity of consumables, so you should choose one, which will meet your needs! If you are newbie at DIY gel mani, then you should buy kit which contain very clear instructions with pictures to guide you in perfect manicure creation.

Don’t hesitate to try your hand at giving yourself a manicure, because even the most expensive nail polish kit costs many times less than your yearly salon spending. Your purchase will pay for itself in month or two!

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