What is Calgel (The Ultimate Nail Pampering Experience)

Healthy, strong and naturally looking nails are among top beauty trends of the season. A task that is not easily achieved once having gel manicures twice or tree times a month. The problem with the conventional gel nail care systems is that they may turn out as quite invasive and arguably harmful for your fingernails and cuticle. This brings us to the question to what our alternative is and finally what is Calgel?

Calgel, on the other hand, was specially created as a revolutionary gel nail care product for healthy and natural looking nails. This product helps to keep the natural nail in the intact condition for the whole wearing period, as well as guarantees a solid and durable protection to it.

What is Calgel?

Calgel is the innovative gel nail system that doesn’t prevent natural nail growth as air and moisture can still reach your nail plate to nourish it. The designs of various forms and colors provide beautiful and durable protection for your nails. So, let us look closer at how exactly Calgel is working its magic on nails.

Calgel requires minimal buffing prior to applying, hence the harsh influence on the nail plate and cuticle is minimal if not zero. As the product is a one phase gel nail system, it doesn’t require any additional base coats, primers or sealers.

One single clear Calgel gel can be used by manicure professionals as a sculpture base to create the necessary form and length for the nail as well as a simple top base to seal the manicure and bring a durable shine to it.

In addition to the basic clear gel, Calgel offers over 130 color gels to choose from in order to satisfy any manicure desires imaginable. Color nail gel is applied directly onto the natural nail and doesn’t require any base coats. It is totally hypoallergenic and safe for direct application. It takes one to two layers of Calgel to get that picture perfect glossy manicure on your hands.

One of the main reasons Calgel became so popular is its ability to last on the natural nail up to 4 weeks without any signs of wear. As the single gel coat application creates a very thin cover, the natural nail remains quite flexible beneath it. This in turn, prevents the nail from breaking or chipping. Calgel manicures are considered very time- and money savvy solution for hand care routine.

Calgel Natural Clear

The world's most known gel system since 1981. No lifting, chipping and leaves your nails in better shape than before the manicure!​


Even though Calgel guarantees a long lasting effect and superior to other nail gel products binding with the nail plate, that doesn’t mean the natural nail is suffering beneath the layer of gel when you are wearing the manicure.

According to the company, Calgel has an oxygen and moisture penetrable formula, which doesn’t affect natural metabolism of a nail. That means it allows all the necessary air and moisture to pass through the layer of the gel so nails do not become dehydrated, flaky or overly soft after weeks of wearing Calgel manicure.

Calgel manicures are extremely low maintenance. As the natural fingernail gets all the oxygen and moisture it needs to stay healthy under the layer of gel, it is not necessary to have a break between your manicures to let your nails breathe.

Calgel manicure can be infilled 3 to 4 times, which can be easily done at home, before a total soak off. To keep that just from the salon shine, you can simply use any non-acetone nail polish remover to remove the grease on your nails and re-apply Calgel clear gel as a top coat. The top notch gloss is back for another week or two.

Since its introduction as a unique totally harmless, hypoallergenic, one phase gel nail system, Calgel has gained a strong reputation and remains one of the most popular manicure options worldwide. It allows to have glossy, natural and healthy looking nails, which would also feel rock-hard and chip- and smudge protected.

It also saves time on those hard-to-get nailbar appointments, as Calgel manis are super durable and last what feels like almost forever. Calgel is an ultimate nail pampering option, if you want to treat your nails right. I mainly use CND Shellac when I do manicures, however, I have also played around with Gelish. These are the quick manicures but they don't come close in keeping your natural nail healthy when comparing to Calgel.

I hope I answered your "what is calgel" question, and the next time you decide to go get a manicure, treat yourself to a calgel manicure.

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