Sterilization of Manicure Tools (Methods and Techniques)

Every nail beauty guru knows how important it is to sterilize and disinfect your manicure tools. It doesn't matter, if you’re working in a salon or at home, each manicure tool must go through the following sterilization of manicure tools cleaning procedure.

Sterilization of manicure tools is a necessary part of the manicure process. The fact is that skin cells, bacteria, or infections usually remain on the tools after the manicure. If a master doesn’t sterilize the instruments, the clients’ health will be harmed next time.

Sterilizing Manicure Tools in a Salon

A good manicure master always takes a responsibility for sterilizing tools on herself. Professional beauty salons usually have different tools and disinfection liquids for cleaning and disinfecting manicure sets. Moreover, sterilization isn’t one-action procedure. A master should follow 4-step sterilization process:

1. Disinfection - the procedures for disposing bacteria on the surface of manicure instruments.

If you have an electric nail file, I suggest cleaning and sterilizing the nail bits, however, the process is sometimes different.

2. Presterilizing cleaning - the process of removing mud and oils from the tools.

3. Sterilization - the complete destruction of microorganisms of all kinds that are on the surface and inside the manicure tools.

4. Additional cleaning. It includes the disinfection of the hands of the master, the client, as well as working surfaces. Hand sanitizer is a special liquid that can be bought in a drugstore.

Professional beauty salons often combine presterilizing cleaning and disinfection in one step using modern disinfectants. The manicure tools such as czech nail files are immersed into the disinfection machine following the instructions. After that, tools are washed with running water. The next step is Sterilization, during this procedure, instruments are cleaned with sterilizers for a manicure (air or steam). These devices have instructions which must be followed precisely.

I use ultrasonic cleaners for manicure equipment and the Makarrt Quartz Ball Sterilizer.

Types of sterilizers and their features

Today, nail experts use different types of sterilizers for a manicure. Some of them can differ with a size, duration of the process, and, of course, the price. Let's take a look on the most common sterilizers on the market.

Quartz Sterilizer

Ball Quartz Sterilizer. This type of the sterilizers сan be often seen in professional beauty salons. High-temperature sterilizer conducts disinfection and destruction of bacteria and other pathogens.

Makartt Quartz Ball Sterilizer

MAKARTT High Temperature Manicure Tool Sterilizer

This Quartz Ball Sterilizer by Makartt uses a method of heating air through quartz beads, thus manicure tools undergo deep sterilization. Cleaning the tools with a manicure sterilizer like this takes only 5 to 15 seconds. The quartz ball machine heats objects up to 250 ⁰C (482 ⁰F). Unfortunately, this sterilizer can disinfect only the working surface of manicure instruments, while the entire instrument can be treated in UV sterilizer (another form of sterilizers for a manicure).

I personally bought this one to test it out due to it's low price, and you can expect a full review from me soon.​

High-temperature sterilizer is much cheaper than other types of sterilizers, and it can be used by several masters at the same time. Also, this type can accommodate a large number of tools for a manicure, while UV sterilizers can contain up to three instruments.

There are few disadvantages of the quartz ball sterilizer. The first one is that after some time manicure tools can change their shape and structure. Of course, if your manicure tools are made from high-quality material, this won’t happen. The second disadvantage is that the instruments cease to be sharp after a long use.

UV Sterilizer

UV sterilizer is a perfect manicure tool that can not be sterilized with high temperatures (nail files, buffs, sponges). Under UV light, fungal and bacterial flora are easily removed from the tool surface. UV sterilizers can be one or two-chamber, with a horizontal or vertical drawers.

Salon Sundry Professional Tabletop Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer Cabinet

This professional UV Sterilizer is one of the safest methods of sterilization manicure instruments. Salon Sundry Professional Tabletop Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer does not harm your instruments, and it does not matter from what material they are made.

Salon Sundry Professional Tabletop Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer Cabinet

Before using UV Sterilizer, be sure to soak manicure tools in a disinfectant, after removing, dry them thoroughly and only then they can be processed in the UV sterilizer.

Aw 8 Liter UV Tool Sterilizer Cabinet w/ Timer Sterilization Manicure Nail Tattoo Facial

Aw 8 Liter UV Tool Sterilizer perfectly suits for a beauty salon or a professional nail master. This UV sterilizer includes 2 horizontal drawers, so it can hold up to 6 manicure tools. Another advantage of this sterilizer machine is that UV lamp can be easily removed, so you won’t be needed to buy a new sterilizer.

UV Tool Sterilizer Cabinet

There also is one disadvantage. Unlikely the Quartz Ball Sterilizer, UV one will sterilize the tools for 40 minutes (20 minutes per side).

Huini Uv Tool Sterilizer Sanitizer for Salon Spa Beauty Equipment

UV Sterilizer by Huini is very comfortable for home use. Its dimensions are only 43 X 26 X 22 cm, so it can be placed on a little shelf or in the table drawer. Moreover, you can keep your manicure tools in the UV lamp, so they will always be ready for use.

Huini Uv Tool Sterilizer Sanitizer for Salon Spa Beauty Equipment

Now you know the importance of sterilizing manicure tools such as the mens manicure kit. You just need to choose the sterilizer you like. Remember, UV sterilizers won’t harm your instruments, but they have a long sterilization process. Also, they don’t kill 100% of bacteria on the surface. While the Quartz Ball Sterilizer is very fast and kill 99.9% of the dangerous microorganism from the tool’s surface.

What type of the sterilizer do you like the most and why? Write down in the comment box below, I’ll be happy to know your thoughts.

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