Manicure Guide for Teenagers

Manicure Guide for Teenagers – General Info (Part 1 of 4)

From early childhood, girls try to imitate their mothers; trying on outfits, shoes, secretly wearing mother’s lipstick and trying nail polishes. It is not surprising, especially when the beauty-interest period starts. It’s a time when every girl tries to express herself. With this manicure guide for teenagers, I hope to help you understand what to […]

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What do I do when I Broke My Nail

I Broke My Nail, what do I do? (6 Easy Steps to Fix Them)

Long nails are, were, and always will be a fashionable accessory for every woman. It’s not surprising that everyone wants to get a long and elegant shape which represents the elegance and sophistication of the hands. But there is one danger for the hand’s beauty, and it’s usually heard like this; “ow, I just broke my nail!”The […]

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The truth behind Solar Nails

The truth behind Solar Nails (A BrokeMyNail Investigation)

Last year, there was much talk about the Solar Nails. Some people say that Solar Nails is a new age technology which isn’t harmful to nails at all. On the other hand, some professionals said that Solar Nails were the same acrylic nails just with another naming term.Every modern woman tries to keep her hands […]

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Sterilization of Manicure Tools

Sterilization of Manicure Tools (Methods and Techniques)

Every nail beauty guru knows how important it is to sterilize and disinfect your manicure tools. It doesn’t matter, if you’re working in a salon or at home, each manicure tool must go through the following sterilization of manicure tools cleaning procedure.Sterilization of manicure tools is a necessary part of the manicure process. The fact is […]

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5 Nail Polish Christmas Gifts

5 Last Minute Nail Polish Christmas Gifts

Everyone knows, if you want to prepare a perfect Christmas gift for your friends or family, you should do it beforehand. But sometimes there is the situation when we do not have enough time to make it happen. Fortunately, nowadays we don’t need to wait in lines for hours. We can just prepare last minute […]

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