Ultrasonic Cleaners for Manicure Equipment (Keep everything clean!)

Cleaning and disinfection manicure tools are one of the most important processes to ensure the safety of manicure and hands. There is no difference where you do your nails job - at home or in the beauty salon, the manicure utensils must be safe and clean. You cannot even imagine how many dangerous microorganisms manicure equipment contains in. That’s why it’s so important to know how to disinfect and sterilize manicure utensils. I will go into details about specifically, the ultrasonic cleaners for manicure equipment.

The actual reasons why you need to clean your manicure tools

Why exactly do you need to sterilize and disinfect the manicure tools? During the process of the manicure, wounds and micro traumas almost always occur. Sometimes they are so small that you don’t notice them. Through the wounds, you can infect your blood with different harmful viruses and bacteria, pathogens and inflammation.

It’s important to clean and disinfect manicure instruments in beauty salons because the same instruments are served for thousands of customers. If someone came to the beauty salon with an infection that could be transmitted through blood, you or your customer may become infected if the tools are not properly sterilized.

The same with a home manicure. The sterilization must be done, especially if you aren’t the only user of scissors, pliers, and other manicure tools. Of course, you can be sure that your roommate or relative, who share with you manicure tools, is healthy. But you still aren’t protected from getting infected by 100%.

Even if you are the only person who uses the manicure utensils you should also do disinfection and sterilization. Clearly, you don’t get any serious diseases, but you’ll probably increase the chances to get fungus. That’s can happen because of bacteria which can be found in the crude instruments. Some symptoms that are experienced when a dirty tool is used include irritations, inflammation, and pain in the cuticle area.

Different methods of cleaning manicure tools

All the processes of cleaning and disinfecting are designed to kill bacteria and reduce the possibility of contracting any disease. Also, the processes are divided into several groups. This division is based on the technology of cleaning.

Disinfection. There are many different disinfectants to remove the bacteria from the surface of manicure tools. This method of cleaning can be used at home. Disinfection is better before the manicure process. Imagine using your best gel nail polish alongside dirty tools, it's not a good feeling.

You can disinfect the manicure tools simply by washing them with hot water and using the degreaser for nails. That procedure will remove the dirt and oils from the instruments.

Also, you can disinfect the instruments in boiling water. It’s quite effective, but only for high-quality manicure tools. Cheap manicure utensils may bend or blunt after the boiling procedure. There is a myth that boiling kills all the microbes. But it’s not true, for example, bacteria fungi are capable to survive in ridiculously hot water. So, it’ll be better to combine this method with other methods to achieve better results.

Pre-sterilizing treatment. This method must be used immediately after the end of the manicure process and before the placing the tools into the sterilizer. It allows removing skin and fat particles from the tool’s surface. Moreover, the pre-sterilizing method conducts mechanical treatment that improves the process of sterilization.

Sterilization. It’s a complete method of cleaning and disinfection manicure tools. It allows to remove all the bacteria and even kills the viruses from the utensils’ surface. This type of the cleaning can be done only by using special sterilizers like an ultrasonic cleaner. Nowadays, the sterilizers are compact and can be used at home.

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Manicure Equipment

From home sterilizer, we expect only two things: usability and efficiency. Fortunately, we live in 2016 where there is a huge selection of high-quality sterilizers for home. You may have heard about them, the ultrasonic cleaners.

One of the bigger models is the Magnasonic Ultrasonic cleaner which can be used for all the manicure utensils. Magnasonic is just one of the brands that have these in 600mL, but there are a lot of variations of these as they seem to be very generic. I recommend you find the one which has the best warranty.


One of them is iSonic the Ultrasonic Cleaner. This compact cleaner uses sound waves to clean and disinfect tools. It’s quite compact, so you can keep it on the table or in the drawer with your manicure equipment.


The another sterilizer you need to pay attention to is Elera Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner. It not only looks pretty but also is very effective. It’s so easy in use because it has only one button. Elera Mini Ultrasonic cleaner easily removes dirt and kills every bacterium on your manicure utensils. But there is one issue, it’s smaller than other sterilizers, so if you have the large sized equipment, it won’t fit in it.


The last sterilizer that I find good in use is Adecco LLC Cordless Ultrasonic. The vibrations in this sterilizer are up to 5800 waves per minute. In a few minutes, you’ll have clean and disinfected manicure tools. Adello Ultrasonic provides deep cleaning which you don’t reach with boiling and degreasers for nails. Unfortunately, it's tiny so it will fit only your smallest manicure utensils.


Ultrasonic cleaners with special trays are considered as one of the most effective and deep cleaning tools for manicure equipment. It’s the irreplaceable device for sterilization not only in professional salons but in every household, too. Ultrasonic cleaners for manicure equipment are good because they remove all the physical contamination and bacteria with viruses as well.

It’s very important to understand that sterilization is a necessary part not only for salon’s but for home use. When we sterilize our instruments, we ensure protection for us, our clients and our family.

I’m interested, which method of cleaning and densifications do you use at home? Let me know in the comment box below.

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