How Much is a Shellac Manicure (Price Breakdown)

I did a CND shellac manicure for someone very close to me yesterday. She asked specifically for a CND shellac manicure because she knows I'm all about their products. I decided to do it for free and practice. I took more time than I would with usual clients and at the end, when she asked me how much is a shellac manicure, I didn't charge her.

Usually, a shellac manicure costs $30 at a regular nail salon. That is without any extra products. Just a base coat, color coat, a top coat and labor.

They can go up to $50 or $70 depending if you want nail art, stickers, extra products, or a hand massage.​

In my case, I used the following products;​

  • CND Shellac Base Coat
  • CND Shellac Color Coat
  • CND Shellac Top Coat
  • Acrylic Powder
  • Nail Stickers
  • CND Solar Oil
  • UV Nail Lamp

If I was to breakdown the price, I would say that the base cost is around $20 for the supplies and $20 per hour for labor.

You never use a whole bottle of CND Shellac Base Coat on one customer. Sometimes it lasts for more than 15 clients. The biggest variable is the labor cost. High Quality salons charge more.


How to do a Shellac Manicure?

Well, we first began by choosing the perfect color from my nail polish rack.​ My CND Shellac is stored on a nail polish rack that I received from a big kit.

Then we decided that we will do an accent nail with a sticker to get some cool shellac nails.

1. My first step was to prep the nails to apply the CND Shellac base coat.​

2. Apply CND Base Coat.

3. Place your hand in a UV nail lamp. Figure out how long your UV nail lamp takes to cure!

4. Apply Acrylic Powder to avoid damaging your natural nail.​ This is a recent step I decided to include in my cnd shellac process.

5. Apply a second layer of CND Base coat and place your nails under the UV nail lamp again.

6. Apply the CND Color Coat.

7. Place your hands in the UV nail lamp.

8. Apply the nail sticker to the accent nail. I used the orange stick to properly position the sticker.

9. Apply the CND Top Coat and for the last time, put your hands under the UV nail lamp.​

Next time when she comes back, I will remove the shellac nail polish and maybe do something else.

Where can I buy CND Shellac?

Professional Beauty Stores, however, you may need to show your Nail Technician ID or Certification before they allow you to purchase their products.

On the other hand, it's fairly easy to find a re-seller on eBay or Amazon. Check out my Shellac Nail Kit reviews which link to some products and gives you alternatives such as gelish vs shellac.

Be aware regarding fake CND Shellac products. There are no other Shellac brands, which is why when people ask me what is the best shellac brand, I reply there is only one, and it's CND.​ Educate yourself regarding fake shellac products. There's always a way to tell which is real and which is fake.

    1. Hi Saleen,

      It could be a protein deficiency or damage after wearing gel or acrylic for a long time. Could also be caused by frequent shellac removal using acetone.

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