The truth behind Solar Nails (A BrokeMyNail Investigation)

Last year, there was much talk about the Solar Nails. Some people say that Solar Nails is a new age technology which isn’t harmful to nails at all. On the other hand, some professionals said that Solar Nails were the same acrylic nails just with another naming term.

Every modern woman tries to keep her hands well maintained and healthy. To achieve these goals, we use the latest beauty products and technics. Unfortunately, new and modern doesn’t always mean better and healthier.

Broke My Nail has investigated all the truth about Solar Nails, and here is what we found.

The history of creating Solar Nails

Let’s back to the 90’s, the age of chockers and Spice Girls. In this era, famous nail brand CND created acrylic best seller “Solar Nails”. It has been popular among beauty salons for more than 10 years. With its help, professional beauty salons created strong and long-lasting nails.

Everyone liked this technology because CND created affordable and high-quality nail manicure. If you don’t know, acrylic nails were created in 80’s and it was a very expensive procedure. Everybody wanted it, but a lot of women couldn’t afford acrylic nails. Fortunately, CND developed affordable acrylic gel and called it Solar Nails.

What is it with the Solar Nails?

A few years ago, all beauty salons started to promote new age technology which was called Solar Nails. If you google about this manicure procedure, you’ll find a lot of positive reviews and descriptions. In general, Solar Nails is a new age artificial nail manicure. Furthermore, it is long lasting and looks like natural nails. Some bloggers even describe Solar Nails such as a healing procedure for weak and soft nails.

At the same time, every article about Solar Nails has a big discussion in the comment box. A lot of people disagree with the information and called Solar Nails another marketing move in the beauty industry.

Is there any difference between acrylic and Solar Nails?

Let’s remember what acrylic nails are. Acrylic nails are the combination of two active components: powder or polymer powder and liquid monomer which is also called a liquid. When they are interacting with each other, they create a chemical which hardens in the air and is called polymer.

Manicure master dips the brush into the monomer with easy movement and take a little bit of acrylic powder. After that with fast and precise movement, professional applies it to the surface of the nail. Immediately giving it the necessary form. Once the foundation is solidified, the nail is gently and carefully polished and then the entire surface is covered with light pink, white or any other colored powder.

Now we will investigate Solar Nails. If you take a look at the product description, you’ll see the same ingredients which are used in acrylic nails. There is only one difference and it is “Solar Powder”. The fact is that this “special” powder is the same acrylic powder but without lift acrylic formula. That’s why Solar Nails hold longer on the nails.

If you take a look at this YouTube video, you’ll see that there is no difference between acrylic and solar nails.

Should we use Solar Nails procedure?

After all these information, all of us have one question: should I try Solar Nails procedure. There are few points about this. If you try acrylic nails before and you like it, you will like the Solar Nails. Moreover, they last for more than 20 days and unlike the acrylic nails, they won’t have yellow shade after one week. Also, you’ll totally like the Solar nails, if you enjoy the look of a French manicure.

But there is another point. If you are looking for a healing procedure, Solar Nails isn’t the right one. Furthermore, you will only worsen the condition of your nails. I would recommend getting Bio or Calgel manicure done instead and using vitamins and minerals for healthy nails. Marketing world recreated Solar Nails just to increase the interest to nail’s beauty industry and earn extra money.

As you see now, Solar Nails are the same to acrylic ones, but only with one difference – duration. I would like to know; did you use Solar Nails and Acrylic Nails before? And did you see any differences? Share with me your experience in the comment box below.

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